Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stocking Up!

There has been a lot of that around here, and many other homes, I am sure. Stocking up on wood, on veggies and meats, and now applesauce. The job is done! I thank God for His provision of what we need, and for my good helpers over the last couple days. I am telling the truth when I say I could not have done it without them! We did around 52 quarts. We had to test it, of course, so I estimated about 4 quarts went into containers in the fridge to eat over the next couple days with meals.

I have also been stocking up on freezer meals for after the baby is born, and some baked goods. To date I have:
~ 2 disposable 9 by 13 pans of chicken enchiladas
~ 9 by 13 container of fancy mashed potatoes
~ another smaller container of the same
~ 9 by 13 of chili con quesa
~ 9 by 13 of tater tot casserole
~ 3 apple pies
~ 2 pumpking pies with struesel topping
~ 10 loaves of homemade bread
~ lots of ginger snaps
We also have lots of meat and veggies stored up. I still plan on making and adding to the stash:
~ Chicken Elegante
~Spaghetti pie
~lemon poppy seed bread
~ blueberry whole wheat muffins
~ cinnamon rolls

We were also able to stock up on some fabric for making dresses for the girls' next spring. They will need it! They are growing so fast and their current dresses are just plain wearing out. Thankfully, they should be all set through the winter with their warmer jumpers and dresses. But come spring, they'll need some new everyday dresses. So, while we were in the area of one of our favorite Mennonite shops, I attacked the bargain bin and got enough to do the job, or at least get by for a while until we go back up next spring.

We have also stocked up on birthing,postpartem, and baby supplies. Everything is coming together for a nice cozy winter. Not because of us, but because of the Lord's goodness.

Speaking of stocking up... our last "shipment" of Christmas presents arrived. I am so thankful for online shopping. It saved me a bunch of time, effort, and energy. I guess it is a good thing we stocked up on wrapping paper! So, you can probably guess what my next major "to do" is on my list!

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