Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Surprise in the Works

While everyone except for Isaac and I are outside, I thought I would update on the "surprise" I am working on for Benjamin's birthday.

Currently I am working on a mountain of sewing, but having just completed two baby quilts I am riding the adrenaline rush from finished projects and decided I would make Benjamin a quilt for his birthday next month. Not just a quilt. Oh no. Apparently I don't have enough to work on right now, because I decided that he needed a matching pillow case, and curtain as well.

I purchases this NASA panel from Keepsake Quilting. It actually came in a little kit for a crib sized quilt, but of course, I have other plans.

I cut all those squares apart. I think it is some kind of weird compulsion. You know... it goes something like... "Oooh, what pretty fabric... where is my rotary cutter????"

I will be framing each of the blocks in a contrasting solid. I also found a cute backing and/or curtain and/or pillow case fabric. Of course I got plenty of the fabrics to mix and match at will.

After I complete the quilt, I'll play with the remnants to finish the bedroom ensemble for Benjamin. It promises to be well... out of this world. (I know, major groan.)

At those times when I can't work on that secret project, I am working on some denim culottes for the girls. I cut those out before lunch today. It took a little longer because I had to alter them a bit, and they have pleats and I had to carefully mark those, but having done this pattern before, I am hoping it will go quickly.

Have a blessed evening!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 26th....

Outside my window...Rain and cool temperatures.

I am thinking... today is a good day to curl up with a good book, cup of tea and a comfy quilt. My reality: errands and laundry. I am also thinking that we are actually going to have to start the woodstove as the house is feeling damp and chilly, and the next few days look like more of the same.

I am thankful for... My Maya wrap sling and how handy it came in this morning in running a ton of errands!

From the learning rooms... Winding down our 4th quarter for this term with book reports and tying up some loose ends.

From the kitchen... The twins are making some chocolate chip cookies.

I am wearing... black tweed skirt, white t-shirt, and a slate blue LLBean pullover sweater.

I am creating... birthday surprises. Shhhh!

I am have gone... to the dentist (Benjamin had an appointment), to Walmarts, and to Aldi's for the week's shopping. Can I have a gold star? I AM going to Fibers of Faith tonight. Yay!

I am reading... "An Old Fashioned Girl" by Louisa May Alcott, and "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.

I am hoping... to do some hand quilting this afternoon (Thanks Mel for making me feel guilty about that other quilt I have been neglecting! LOL)

I am hearing... the pitter patter of rain.

Around the house... Laundry

One of my favorite things... watching Isaac study over something or someone new in his life.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Today was the highlight as far as going out and about. The rest of this week we will be doing yard work as weather allows, and sewing, and the usual string of chores, school work, and play time activities.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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Friday, April 23, 2010

There's Something Wrong With Me


There must be.

I spent some time one afternoon cutting, sewing, and ironing strips of fabric to make binding.

And I loved it.

Most people think that is tedious. I looked forward to it, and loved every moment of it.

There must be something wrong with me!

Maybe it is because when I get to the "make the binding" part of quilting, I know I am almost done, and I'm already feeling that "finished object rush".

Speaking of FO's, here is the second baby quilt, all done... except a label, which I will do today and then wrap both quilts for the baby shower tomorrow.

The twins did a lion's share of the cutting out and sewing. I helped a bit, and did the quilting and the binding.

Up next on the chopping block... a birthday present for Benjamin, and denim culottes for the girls.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 19th....

Outside my window... Sunshine and cooler temperatures, thankfully!

I am thinking... Isaac has another tooth coming in, evidenced by a very late night last night.

I am thankful for... coffee

From the learning rooms... we need to settle on some books for end of the year book reports we are doing, and the other subjects are slowly petering out more and more each week.

From the kitchen... bread making lesson for Josiah, and I need to find something clever to do with leftover ham for supper, and the usual menu planning for the week.

I am wearing... black denim skirt, laramie red t-shirt, slippers. :D

I am creating... a quilt, and another quilt, and another quilt and dreaming of future quilts......

I am going... to a baby shower this coming weekend!

I am reading... John Adams by David McCullough, and An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott (thru DailyLit.com).

I am hoping... to get more quilting done than I think I am going to today.

I am hearing... a lot of quietness right now, which means the washer is done and I need to go out and hang the laundry.

Around the house... the usual...laundry, picking up, schoolwork, etc.

One of my favorite things... Cool, crisp early spring air.

A few plans for the rest of the week: today we are cleaning out the old stakes and some onions we missed last fall from the garden as it will be plowed, hopefully tomorrow. All my spare time other than will be quilting like crazy.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This pic is from September, 2006. I can't believe how little Benjamin and Jerusha look! Hey Grandma and Grandpa, remember this pic in CT?

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peekaboo Baby Quilt

Yay, another FO! One of the baby quilts is all completed except for the tag on back, which I will do one evening this week.

The other quilt, the one pictured previously, was started, then I ran out of the fun variegated thread I was using that I was sure I had enough of, but only got about a third of the way through the quilting. Doh!

So I set the first one aside and did the other one, finishing up today. Then Elizabeth and I went out to get some thread and a few other goodies. I have a secret project going on that I will post about later.

Here is the front of the quilt:


A while back I bought some gloves for quilting on a whim. I seriously doubted that they were that wonderful, as it seemed like a money making gimmick to me, but I caved under the pressure of impulse buying. I put them in my sewing table drawer, then didn't get them out until yesterday.

WOW! They were fabulous. They have these little grippy dots on them that help grab the fabric while machine quilting. They really do help, and ease TONS of tension in my hands while quilting. Why, oh why haven't I used them before?

They are Fons and Porter brand, but honestly, if you can find a pair of lightweight gardening gloves with the grippy thingies on them at the dollar store, I think they will work just as well. The only hesitation I would have is that gardening gloves are made from sturdier fabric, whereas the quilting gloves are extremely light and stretchy, like a jersey knit, but about half thickness. Anyone who machine quilts, I highly recommend those gloves!

Now that I have thread for the other quilt, I will be working on that next, and hopefully my Janome will hold up until I am done. The pedal is acting wonky, and I can baby it along, but it needs at least a good oil and cleaning, and the pedal needs to be looked at. I think there is a loose connection or something. My quilting attachments only fit my Janome machine, and not the Singer. Singer and Janome are NOT compatible... bobbins, parts, needles.... nuthin' honey. They must be like the Red Sox and the Yankees, MacIntosh and Microsoft, IBM and well, pretty much everyone else... but I digress, and this post is quite long enough.

Oh I forgot... the pattern I used for the above quilt is called "Disappearing Nine Patch" and you can find a tutorial for this super fast and easy pattern here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Despite my reluctance to embrace warmer weather because of the threat of summer, I have been enjoying some of the "springiness" around. Our lilac bushes are budding and starting to sprout their flower clusters. They aren't fragrant yet, but will be soon. I'm keeping a sharp eye on our fruit trees. This is the third year we have had them, and I'm told we may start getting some fruit off of them! Our blueberry bushes haven't grown at all since we put them in, so I am giving up on them altogether for now. I have some plans about the garden area but until we can execute them I'm keeping it to myself.

Speaking of the garden, one of the spring things that happen around here is a visit from the honey wagon. Those of you who are farmers or grew up on a farm probably know what I am referring to. let's just say it requires shoveling, and honey, it ain't white stuff.

The seedlings we planted are growing well enough. I'm glad we have them inside right now because yesterday morning we had a very heavy frost. Some places around here got a little snow, which may have done bad things for the cherry crop this year. We don't have any cherry trees, just apple and peaches and they haven't budded yet but will soon. Our little seedling plants were tucked nicely in the basement so they are doing just fine.

Another sure sign of spring around here is the arrival of a few boxes from Rod and Staff. We like to order for next term for school early because of the sale they always have this time of year. We save a bundle, for sure! Mattan is guarding the boxes for me so the little monkeys don't get into them without permission. When the boxes show up I cheer and there is a nice loud groan from the kids. I can understand why.. sort of. They are in the throes of finishing out the school year, ready for a much deserved break, and already there are the new books staring them in the face. I love new books, and look forward to using them, but for some strange reason the kids don't see eye to eye with me on that one.

Progress is being made on the quilts. I started quilting the one the twins made. If we had more time I would have them try, but we are in a bit of a hurry so I am doing the quilting for now. You know I just hate that. Here is a sneak peak at the basted quilt:

I had planned on working almost all day yesterday on it, but Dale had the day off from work because of having to do a burial service nearby. He was just going to take a half day, but it is slow at work this week so the boss gave him the whole day. It was a gorgeous, leisurely day for a change, and I made no effort to do much but enjoy the time with Dale home and nothing really pressing to do (except the burial service of course). What a rarity for us!

A lady from the food pantry stopped by yesterday afternoon and dropped off a bunch of goodies, but by far my favorite item was this:

I know, guys would say "you can't eat them." But they are so pretty! Tulips are my favorite flower and I'm not sure how they ended up at the food pantry, or how I was so blessed to get them, but I did, and LOVE them!

Recently Isaac has been going through a phase where he is enthralled with the hairbrush and water bottle. Probably because he sees me with it everyday doing the girls' hair, and he wants to imitate us. All I can think of is that VeggieTales song "Where is my hairbrush..." especially the part: "Why do you need a hairbrush you don't have any hair?"

Okay, enough rambling. If you made it through all this, kudos! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First FO of the Vortex!

Here is the nursing blouse I needed buttons for:

Done just in time for my friend Amy, who had her baby girl yesterday! Congratulations Amy and Art!

The next two FO's will be the baby quilts from me and the twins for her baby shower at the end of the month. I was able to sandwich and baste the one from me yesterday, then helped the girls finish peicing the top of theirs. Today I need to dig out some muslin and see about getting theirs sandwiched and basted. Then it is quilting time for several days!

Falling Into a Sewing Vortex

Every Friday I am so relieved that the next day is Saturday. I have yet to figure out why. It seems we are busier on Saturdays than we are the rest of the week. Maybe it is because the rest of the week we are in our routines for chores and home school, and there are a lot of loose ends we tie up on Saturdays, and we usually do the weekly cleaning then as well, plus clean the church, plus do seasonal yard work... you get the idea.

This past Saturday was a perfect example. We do get to sleep in a little bit, so that is nice, and it is pleasant to have Dale home for breakfast, at least. But we were pretty much on the go from when we woke up to when we went to bed, and it wasn't early.

Saturday mornings Dale and one of the older children go out visiting and soul winning. They are gone at least until lunch, sometimes later, depending on who they are chatting with. Meanwhile, the rest of us at home are cleaning and doing laundry. This past Saturday we had a special visitor that totally disrupted the flow of the morning and put us way behind schedule.

This little gal showed up in our yard, looking muddy and bedraggled, but nonchalantly went to nibbling on my tulip plants. Two of our neighbors followed her over and tried to give her some apple to keep in in the area as they had called the game warden.

At first I thought she was injured, but ended up she was just plain muddy.

She definitely wasn't skitterish and she didn't startle at all. I probably could have petted her if I wanted to. This made me a bit nervous, and I wondered if she was rabid. She was not aggressive at all, but definitely not afraid of us either. She just seemed... hungry. She kept looking for good a good grazing area. You can see in the pics how close she got to me. She walked close enough to me that she could have just turned her head and bit me if she wanted. Mostly she just ignored my existance, however.

She finally wandered off towards the neighbor's yard and I went back in to see if the kids were still working on their chores. Of course not... they had their little noses pressed up to the windows to watch what was happening with the deer.

Later in the day the game warden stopped by to ask us a few questions about the deer and said that he thought she was actually some one's pet. She had straw embedded in the mud on her, and acted much too domesticated to be wild. There are lots of small children in our area, and he had to shoot the deer just to be on the safe side.

I'm sorry he had to do that, but I totally agree. The doe may have been cute and all, but they do have a powerful kick and I wouldn't want any child (or adult for that matter) to be on the receiving end of it. A wild deer tend to stay away from the populations, and scare easily. This deer did not. You can scold me if you want, but honestly, when I first saw the deer the first thing I thought of was ... "venison!". I would never make a good vegetarian.

After all the hoopla from the deer, and we had a hasty lunch, Esther and I went up to JoAnn's. I needed batting, and it was time to just bite the bullet and go get some. Thankfully, it was on sale.

I also needed a few notions, including buttons to finish the second nursing blouse.

We also made a stop at Michael's and Barnes and Noble. When we got back Esther and I went for a walk down to the cemetery and back. I had picked up a little memorial silk flower arrangement for Aaron's grave, and since it was still gorgeous out we walked down to place it.

I have all I need now to fall into my spring/summer sewing vortex. Beware all who enter in here... housework will be neglected for several weeks, so whatever the kids and Dale don't keep up on, too bad.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 12th...

Outside my window... Sunshine and much cooler temperatures that are way more palatable for early spring.

I am thinking... that today's schedule has a real potential for spinning out of control.

I am thankful for... telephones and the good news that can come from them.

From the learning rooms... The usual for us for this time of year.

From the kitchen... Leftover homemade turkey noodle soup for supper, menu planning and making shopping lists.

I am wearing... faded black denim skirt, hunter green long sleeve tunic with embroidery on it.

I am creating... You really don't even want to know my list. Suffice it to say I will be falling into a sewing/quilting vortex over the next several weeks.

I am going... grocery shopping later (possibly) to visit a friend later in the week who is in labor right now!

I am reading... An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott

I am hoping... to get much accomplished today

I am praying... all goes well for my dear friend having her baby today.

I am hearing... the twins doing kitchen clean up and the happy hum of the washer.

Around the house... general picking up, some vacuuming, sweeping, and some schoolwork.

One of my favorite things... hearing the chirping birds in the early morning sunshine, and the house having a wonderful hush over it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: sewing, sewing, and more sewing.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Reality Check and Family Humor

Recently during family devotions, we have been reading about Gideon. During one of the Q&A times, Dale asked:

"What part of the watch did Gideon and his men show up at the Mideonite camp?"

Elizabeth's answer: "The minute hand."

It's a little non-sequitter-ish, but so like her father. Sorry honey, she gets it from you.

As we were eating supper the kids were discussing what they wanted to do for family fun night. The general consensus was to watch a movie, but there seemed to be no real agreement as to what to watch.

Somehow the conversation drifted and Dale and I got talking about what we watched growing up. I mentioned that one movie I liked growing up was "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" with Don Knots.

"There was another movie they had on once a year that I liked too, but I don't know if it would be appropriate," I hesitantly added.

"What was it?" they all asked eagerly.

I sheepishly replied "The Wizard of Oz".

I was thinking about some of the scarier parts of it... the tornado scene, those nasty monkeys, etc... wouldn't be appropriate for my tender little children's imaginations when I realized the conversation had drifted to Elizabeth's recent renewal in her reading of Shakespeare.

"Oh yeah.. then he took the knife and thrust it through his own heart!" I caught Josiah (9 years old) saying theatrically. The vein went through all the tragedies they have read... Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet... the kids repeating some of the more dramatic lines and death throes like melodramatic parrots.

Well, I guess the Wizard of Oz wouldn't bother them after all.

"Quick and Easy"... Yeah, right....

Have you ever planned for a project that was seemingly quick and easy, only to find out after you began that it wasn't so quick and easy as you thought?

That is what happened to me yesterday. I decided since my quilts were at a stand still I would go ahead and cut out and start the easy pullover dresses. I had bought the pattern from a lady online. It was labelled as used, but had all the pattern pieces.

I especially liked this pattern because first of all, it was an Elizabeth Lee Pattern, and had nursing options. I have used her patterns many times before, and found them very user friendly. Secondly, it had a matching girls' dress pattern included. I'm a sucker for those Mother-Daughter matching outfits, and that was the major draw for me.

The transaction went smoothly, I got the pattern in the mail in due time. That was about a year ago. It ended up the girls' didn't need any more dresses last spring, so I put it on hold.

A while back I had taken advantage of a great sale at Chez Ami and purposely looked up the yardage I would need for the three girls to make the easy and quick pull over dresses. I also bought some seersucker for nightgowns, and some lycra for swim wear.

The fabric came in due time, and has been waiting for me to get to it (that is next after I finish those quilts and these pull over dresses).

Yesterday, since I was in a little sewing lull, I tackled the dresses. I opened the pattern and excitedly pulled out the pieces and took over the living room by laying everything out on the floor so I could find what I needed.

Except... what I needed wasn't there! ACK! None of the child sized pieces were in the pattern envelope! I could see where they had been cut out. I tried looking up the email addy from the lady I bought it from but after a long search came up empty. I was so frustrated! The whole reason I bought that pattern was basically for the girls dresses.

I got online to check the EL Pattern site
and found they no longer sell the pattern with the girls' pattern, but sell the child size separately. And it only goes up to a 5T. Strike out, big time.

I sat down amongst the nest of pattern pieces and studied them over. Then I eyeballed the twins. I looked back at the pattern pieces and looked over the twins again who by now were wondering why I was peering at them with a very intent, studious look on my face.

The adult pattern size went down to a XXS! The girls could fit that with some minor altering, I thought. I had one of the twins come over to me and I took some measurements, and compared them to the pattern. I got all excited and shoo'd everyone away from the table to do their schoolwork in the far corners of the house and I started redrafting the pattern pieces. I think it will work! I also cut out the nursing A-line dress for me. I know I have some Tropical Breeze fabric on hand I can use, and it will go together quickly.

Then I got to Jerusha and realized and simple little alteration wasn't going to cut it for her size (pardon the pun). I pondered the situation for a few minutes and then dug this pattern out of my stash:

Perfect! I had used this pattern many times to make swim dresses for the girls. Jerusha is even in the size range of the pattern pieces still, and that makes it even easier. I will lengthen the dress a bit so it is about "tea length".

Jerusha was looking at the pattern earlier and asked if I was making a dress for her, to which I replied in the positive. She did her little goodie goodie dance and then said... "Hey, Mama,can you make me that purse too?" She is all girl, that one! LOL.

I was able to get done all the pattern tracing/remaking yesterday, so today I will probably trace Jerusha's out. The problem with the girls is that they are tall and thin (they obviously get that from their father.. pfftt) and though Jerusha may wear a size 5T around, she is more like a 6T or 7 tall, depending on the pattern. The twins have the same issue. They are going to be 12 next month, but they are tall enough for a woman's petite, at least. Their shoe size is almost the same as mine!

So, as soon as chores are over this morning, the children will be shoo'd away from the table yet again, and I will get back to work.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Girl's Gotta Do, What A Girl's Gotta Do

I should have a pic of a finished object here, but I don't. Why? Because as I was getting towards the end of the second nursing blouse, I realized I didn't have buttons for it. I hunted and dug through my collection of buttons, and can you believe I didn't have any that looked right? So, all I have left on that nursing blouse is the buttons and the button holes. Can't do one without the other.

I am still in need of batting... for 3 quilts. Thankfully it is for two crib sized quilts and a throw quilt, but two of those are at a stand still until I get some batting, and the third will be done soon, if I can keep prodding the twins to work on it. They have been more interested in playing outside than sewing lately, so I have made it part of their schoolwork to do a little bit everyday.

Oh, I also need some more thread for one of the quilts that I will be quilting.

I guess this means a trip to JoAnn's this weekend. Ain't that a pitty?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Lanolize Wool Covers Tutorial

I love my wool cloth diaper covers. They are FAR superior to any of the others I own.

Why wool? 100% all natural wool has natural cleansing and anti-bacterial qualities. They don't need to be washed as often, so their care is easy and,t hey don't retain the odors that other diaper covers can.

The lanolin is the trick. The lanolin nuetralizes urea in urine, thus the lack of odor. Every 4 to 6 weeks, or when you notice the diaper covers becoming more leaky or an odor becomes evident, it is time to re-lanolize your wool soakers. It is a very simple process and goes something like this:

You will need your wool covers:

You will also need:
~ Lanolin (I use Lansiloh cream)
~ a small cup
~ a spoon
~ Basin

1. Dissolve a wee little bit of lanolin (about the size of a pea or so) and a drop of hand soap (that helps the lanolin dissolve better) in a little hot water.

2. Turn soakers inside out, and put in the tub with warm water.

3. Add lanolin mixture.

4. Make sure soaker is fully covered in water and let soak about 15 minutes. That gives you enough time to play with the baby, or randomly tickle torture any little hands that try and interfere with the making of the tutorial.

5. Remove soaker from tub and throw in the washer on gentle spin

6. Line dry, or lay flat

That's it for another 6 weeks. See how easy that is?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From a Very Talented Friend

Isn't it beautiful? I told Dale this is where I want to retire to. :D

A friend of mine painted this for me in exhange for a lap quilt I made her. This woman is talented. I actually commisioned two small horse paintings for the twins for their birthdays.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 5th....

Outside my window... Cooler than it has been, thankfully. 80 plus degree weather is just wrong this time of year for this northerner. It is overcast, looks like rain later today.

I am thinking... I need to keep my thoughts on "the next thing". My head is full of plans of what I would like to accomplish this spring and summer.

I am thankful for... a wonderful Resurrection Sunday yesterday.

From the learning rooms... Subjects are petering out little by little. We are finishing up a Henty book for History over the next couple weeks, and starting one more science unit study, and that will be it for the year. Individual studies are going very well, and one by one, books are being put away as they are completed. I am also thinking about next year's curriculum, and what to do for Benjamin, who starts "high school" next term. ACK!

From the kitchen... I have a ham bone cooking for making split pea soup with ham for supper.

I am wearing... Autumn colored print broomstick skirt, matching t-shirt, and a sweater. For now.

I am creating... Menu and shopping lists for this week.

I am going... to have to get that batting this weekend. No doubt about it.

I am reading... "An Old Fashioned Girl" by Louisa May Alcott, on DailyLit.com

I am hoping... I can just concentrate on what needs to be done today, and not get overwhelmed with what may need to be done tomorrow. I am hoping to slow things down a bit.

I am hearing... Not too much! Washer is running, children are off doing chores.

Around the house... Laundry, general picking up, the usual Monday routines.

One of my favorite things... a cool early morning breeze, and hearing the early song of the birds.

A few plans for the rest of the week.... Finishing the 2nd nursing top for my friend and starting in on my spring/summer sewing pile.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Isaac loving being outside...

For guidelines for the Simple Woman's Daybook: http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Friday, April 2, 2010

Of Seeds and Sunshine

Spring is certainly here! Though we don't have the "green fuzz" on the foliage yet, we can see the buds. Crocuses are up, tulips are well on their way, and we are gearing up for gardening season.

I have a long list of outdoor and indoor "spring cleaning" tasks to do, but the very first thing was to get as many of our seedlings planted yesterday as I could. I used every container I could find.

We planted tomatoes, broccoli, hollyhock, moss rose, and dahlias. I still have lots of seeds for spinach and some other flowers left, and am hoping to get more starter containers this weekend amid the Easter busyness at church. We'll be planting more than that in the garden of course, but it's a start. I was thinking about planting some strawberry plants this year too, but it isn't working out, so I will set my sights on next year for that. Our blueberry bushes are a failure, so I am thinking we need a different spot entirely for those, or better soil or something. We are going to be revamping our compost system. Instead of a free lancing pile for compost, I will be using a container that we can move around at will. The area where the compost is now will be plowed and worked for next year. The soil should be nice and rich there, so I'll try my hand at blueberry bushes there.

Today I am washing as many blankets and quilts as I can. You know, those big ones that you don't wash very often and need a good airing from time to time.

Days like today I wish I had two washers and another set of laundry lines! Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to be as nice as today, so whatever doesn't get done today I can do tomorrow.

Dale brought me home a surprise last week that is finally in bloom:

Aren't they pretty? Trust me, they are VERY fragrant!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the saying goes, so we have been doing chores and schoolwork, then enjoying the sunshine by playing kick ball, baseball, basketball, bike riding and going for walks. Isaac has had his share of fun too. He is definitely an "outdoor" child!

Isaac is now toddling everywhere. I haven't actually seen him crawl in about a week. It still surprises me to see him toddle around the corner to come see me. I guess he is officially out of the "baby" stage.

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

It is fun to watch him toddle about though, and explore everything anew from his feet instead of his hands and knees. He does a lot of mimic vocalizing, and absolutely loves the song "Only A Boy Named David" and tries to sing it. He can't form the words yet, but you can definitely pick out the tune. He also is quite dexterous for his age, as we found out when he undid the tiny clasp on a friend's necklace while she was holding him in church while I played the piano. It is so exciting to watch how he is growing and developing!

Have a blessed day!