Friday, April 2, 2010

Of Seeds and Sunshine

Spring is certainly here! Though we don't have the "green fuzz" on the foliage yet, we can see the buds. Crocuses are up, tulips are well on their way, and we are gearing up for gardening season.

I have a long list of outdoor and indoor "spring cleaning" tasks to do, but the very first thing was to get as many of our seedlings planted yesterday as I could. I used every container I could find.

We planted tomatoes, broccoli, hollyhock, moss rose, and dahlias. I still have lots of seeds for spinach and some other flowers left, and am hoping to get more starter containers this weekend amid the Easter busyness at church. We'll be planting more than that in the garden of course, but it's a start. I was thinking about planting some strawberry plants this year too, but it isn't working out, so I will set my sights on next year for that. Our blueberry bushes are a failure, so I am thinking we need a different spot entirely for those, or better soil or something. We are going to be revamping our compost system. Instead of a free lancing pile for compost, I will be using a container that we can move around at will. The area where the compost is now will be plowed and worked for next year. The soil should be nice and rich there, so I'll try my hand at blueberry bushes there.

Today I am washing as many blankets and quilts as I can. You know, those big ones that you don't wash very often and need a good airing from time to time.

Days like today I wish I had two washers and another set of laundry lines! Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to be as nice as today, so whatever doesn't get done today I can do tomorrow.

Dale brought me home a surprise last week that is finally in bloom:

Aren't they pretty? Trust me, they are VERY fragrant!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the saying goes, so we have been doing chores and schoolwork, then enjoying the sunshine by playing kick ball, baseball, basketball, bike riding and going for walks. Isaac has had his share of fun too. He is definitely an "outdoor" child!

Isaac is now toddling everywhere. I haven't actually seen him crawl in about a week. It still surprises me to see him toddle around the corner to come see me. I guess he is officially out of the "baby" stage.

Sniff, sniff, sniff.

It is fun to watch him toddle about though, and explore everything anew from his feet instead of his hands and knees. He does a lot of mimic vocalizing, and absolutely loves the song "Only A Boy Named David" and tries to sing it. He can't form the words yet, but you can definitely pick out the tune. He also is quite dexterous for his age, as we found out when he undid the tiny clasp on a friend's necklace while she was holding him in church while I played the piano. It is so exciting to watch how he is growing and developing!

Have a blessed day!

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...they call me mommy... said...

A friend of mine said something about putting coffee grounds around her blueberry bushes to help them??? Maybe it helps with the acidic needs of blueberries? :) LOVE the clothesline with the quilts. Our dryer is actually broke and I've been dryer everything on the is so nice! I have broccoli, tomatoes, and a few other things started also! :)