Friday, April 9, 2010

"Quick and Easy"... Yeah, right....

Have you ever planned for a project that was seemingly quick and easy, only to find out after you began that it wasn't so quick and easy as you thought?

That is what happened to me yesterday. I decided since my quilts were at a stand still I would go ahead and cut out and start the easy pullover dresses. I had bought the pattern from a lady online. It was labelled as used, but had all the pattern pieces.

I especially liked this pattern because first of all, it was an Elizabeth Lee Pattern, and had nursing options. I have used her patterns many times before, and found them very user friendly. Secondly, it had a matching girls' dress pattern included. I'm a sucker for those Mother-Daughter matching outfits, and that was the major draw for me.

The transaction went smoothly, I got the pattern in the mail in due time. That was about a year ago. It ended up the girls' didn't need any more dresses last spring, so I put it on hold.

A while back I had taken advantage of a great sale at Chez Ami and purposely looked up the yardage I would need for the three girls to make the easy and quick pull over dresses. I also bought some seersucker for nightgowns, and some lycra for swim wear.

The fabric came in due time, and has been waiting for me to get to it (that is next after I finish those quilts and these pull over dresses).

Yesterday, since I was in a little sewing lull, I tackled the dresses. I opened the pattern and excitedly pulled out the pieces and took over the living room by laying everything out on the floor so I could find what I needed.

Except... what I needed wasn't there! ACK! None of the child sized pieces were in the pattern envelope! I could see where they had been cut out. I tried looking up the email addy from the lady I bought it from but after a long search came up empty. I was so frustrated! The whole reason I bought that pattern was basically for the girls dresses.

I got online to check the EL Pattern site
and found they no longer sell the pattern with the girls' pattern, but sell the child size separately. And it only goes up to a 5T. Strike out, big time.

I sat down amongst the nest of pattern pieces and studied them over. Then I eyeballed the twins. I looked back at the pattern pieces and looked over the twins again who by now were wondering why I was peering at them with a very intent, studious look on my face.

The adult pattern size went down to a XXS! The girls could fit that with some minor altering, I thought. I had one of the twins come over to me and I took some measurements, and compared them to the pattern. I got all excited and shoo'd everyone away from the table to do their schoolwork in the far corners of the house and I started redrafting the pattern pieces. I think it will work! I also cut out the nursing A-line dress for me. I know I have some Tropical Breeze fabric on hand I can use, and it will go together quickly.

Then I got to Jerusha and realized and simple little alteration wasn't going to cut it for her size (pardon the pun). I pondered the situation for a few minutes and then dug this pattern out of my stash:

Perfect! I had used this pattern many times to make swim dresses for the girls. Jerusha is even in the size range of the pattern pieces still, and that makes it even easier. I will lengthen the dress a bit so it is about "tea length".

Jerusha was looking at the pattern earlier and asked if I was making a dress for her, to which I replied in the positive. She did her little goodie goodie dance and then said... "Hey, Mama,can you make me that purse too?" She is all girl, that one! LOL.

I was able to get done all the pattern tracing/remaking yesterday, so today I will probably trace Jerusha's out. The problem with the girls is that they are tall and thin (they obviously get that from their father.. pfftt) and though Jerusha may wear a size 5T around, she is more like a 6T or 7 tall, depending on the pattern. The twins have the same issue. They are going to be 12 next month, but they are tall enough for a woman's petite, at least. Their shoe size is almost the same as mine!

So, as soon as chores are over this morning, the children will be shoo'd away from the table yet again, and I will get back to work.

Have a blessed day!

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