Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Falling Into a Sewing Vortex

Every Friday I am so relieved that the next day is Saturday. I have yet to figure out why. It seems we are busier on Saturdays than we are the rest of the week. Maybe it is because the rest of the week we are in our routines for chores and home school, and there are a lot of loose ends we tie up on Saturdays, and we usually do the weekly cleaning then as well, plus clean the church, plus do seasonal yard work... you get the idea.

This past Saturday was a perfect example. We do get to sleep in a little bit, so that is nice, and it is pleasant to have Dale home for breakfast, at least. But we were pretty much on the go from when we woke up to when we went to bed, and it wasn't early.

Saturday mornings Dale and one of the older children go out visiting and soul winning. They are gone at least until lunch, sometimes later, depending on who they are chatting with. Meanwhile, the rest of us at home are cleaning and doing laundry. This past Saturday we had a special visitor that totally disrupted the flow of the morning and put us way behind schedule.

This little gal showed up in our yard, looking muddy and bedraggled, but nonchalantly went to nibbling on my tulip plants. Two of our neighbors followed her over and tried to give her some apple to keep in in the area as they had called the game warden.

At first I thought she was injured, but ended up she was just plain muddy.

She definitely wasn't skitterish and she didn't startle at all. I probably could have petted her if I wanted to. This made me a bit nervous, and I wondered if she was rabid. She was not aggressive at all, but definitely not afraid of us either. She just seemed... hungry. She kept looking for good a good grazing area. You can see in the pics how close she got to me. She walked close enough to me that she could have just turned her head and bit me if she wanted. Mostly she just ignored my existance, however.

She finally wandered off towards the neighbor's yard and I went back in to see if the kids were still working on their chores. Of course not... they had their little noses pressed up to the windows to watch what was happening with the deer.

Later in the day the game warden stopped by to ask us a few questions about the deer and said that he thought she was actually some one's pet. She had straw embedded in the mud on her, and acted much too domesticated to be wild. There are lots of small children in our area, and he had to shoot the deer just to be on the safe side.

I'm sorry he had to do that, but I totally agree. The doe may have been cute and all, but they do have a powerful kick and I wouldn't want any child (or adult for that matter) to be on the receiving end of it. A wild deer tend to stay away from the populations, and scare easily. This deer did not. You can scold me if you want, but honestly, when I first saw the deer the first thing I thought of was ... "venison!". I would never make a good vegetarian.

After all the hoopla from the deer, and we had a hasty lunch, Esther and I went up to JoAnn's. I needed batting, and it was time to just bite the bullet and go get some. Thankfully, it was on sale.

I also needed a few notions, including buttons to finish the second nursing blouse.

We also made a stop at Michael's and Barnes and Noble. When we got back Esther and I went for a walk down to the cemetery and back. I had picked up a little memorial silk flower arrangement for Aaron's grave, and since it was still gorgeous out we walked down to place it.

I have all I need now to fall into my spring/summer sewing vortex. Beware all who enter in here... housework will be neglected for several weeks, so whatever the kids and Dale don't keep up on, too bad.

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