Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peekaboo Baby Quilt

Yay, another FO! One of the baby quilts is all completed except for the tag on back, which I will do one evening this week.

The other quilt, the one pictured previously, was started, then I ran out of the fun variegated thread I was using that I was sure I had enough of, but only got about a third of the way through the quilting. Doh!

So I set the first one aside and did the other one, finishing up today. Then Elizabeth and I went out to get some thread and a few other goodies. I have a secret project going on that I will post about later.

Here is the front of the quilt:


A while back I bought some gloves for quilting on a whim. I seriously doubted that they were that wonderful, as it seemed like a money making gimmick to me, but I caved under the pressure of impulse buying. I put them in my sewing table drawer, then didn't get them out until yesterday.

WOW! They were fabulous. They have these little grippy dots on them that help grab the fabric while machine quilting. They really do help, and ease TONS of tension in my hands while quilting. Why, oh why haven't I used them before?

They are Fons and Porter brand, but honestly, if you can find a pair of lightweight gardening gloves with the grippy thingies on them at the dollar store, I think they will work just as well. The only hesitation I would have is that gardening gloves are made from sturdier fabric, whereas the quilting gloves are extremely light and stretchy, like a jersey knit, but about half thickness. Anyone who machine quilts, I highly recommend those gloves!

Now that I have thread for the other quilt, I will be working on that next, and hopefully my Janome will hold up until I am done. The pedal is acting wonky, and I can baby it along, but it needs at least a good oil and cleaning, and the pedal needs to be looked at. I think there is a loose connection or something. My quilting attachments only fit my Janome machine, and not the Singer. Singer and Janome are NOT compatible... bobbins, parts, needles.... nuthin' honey. They must be like the Red Sox and the Yankees, MacIntosh and Microsoft, IBM and well, pretty much everyone else... but I digress, and this post is quite long enough.

Oh I forgot... the pattern I used for the above quilt is called "Disappearing Nine Patch" and you can find a tutorial for this super fast and easy pattern here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

Your quilt is adorable!!! I tried to comment earlier, but it didn't go through. :( I love your rambling, please don't stop. It is such a neat blessing to get to be a part of your "everyday" lives through your blog! It helps those of us that are FAR away, be a little bit closer :) love you my friend. :)

((hugs)) Shellee