Friday, April 23, 2010

There's Something Wrong With Me


There must be.

I spent some time one afternoon cutting, sewing, and ironing strips of fabric to make binding.

And I loved it.

Most people think that is tedious. I looked forward to it, and loved every moment of it.

There must be something wrong with me!

Maybe it is because when I get to the "make the binding" part of quilting, I know I am almost done, and I'm already feeling that "finished object rush".

Speaking of FO's, here is the second baby quilt, all done... except a label, which I will do today and then wrap both quilts for the baby shower tomorrow.

The twins did a lion's share of the cutting out and sewing. I helped a bit, and did the quilting and the binding.

Up next on the chopping block... a birthday present for Benjamin, and denim culottes for the girls.


The Savage said...

I was all worried about having to do binding for your quilt, until my friend/teacher in residence pointed out that I could just bring the backing around. *Whew* (mops brow)

I'm actually thinking about starting a quilt for a wedding in July. I also think I'm nuts!! ;-) I'll have to send you the pattern. The "instructions" are laughably brief, but I have a couple ideas for making it more managable (than cutting out then sewing back together 192 1&1/2" squares x2)!!

Speaking of quilts, did you ever finish the one that's in your blog header??

Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! What a cute quilt!!! I think it's wonderful that you are able to do something you enjoy and are so talented at!!! :) Just sending cold and not quite spring here hugs your way!