Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I hang my head in shame here for such a long interval between my blog posts!  At least I would, but honestly, life has been very busy since the last post in February, that there is no shame, just a large family's busy life.

We finished out the school year with flying colors!  Esther and Elizabeth graduated from High School.  In one weekend at the beginning of May, they had their evaluations, SAT's, 18th birthdays, then the following Monday flew to Florida for a month long trip to visit their Grandparents before Graduation on June 4th.

Aren't the girls' just beaming in the above picture?  Oh, I have to explain about the surprise diploma we handed out.  Dale had finished up his Master's course,  the diploma came about a week and half before graduation.  So, of course I hid it and worked his presentation into the program.  And of course, I didn't mention it him!  Long story short, he was indeed surprised.  That is no small feat, let me tell you!

Oiy Vey.

While they were gone we went to Williamsburg.  It was WONDERFUL!  I don't know why we haven't made the effort to go before?  There'll be a whole different post on that trip later.  Also, during the twins' trip, I had three quilts to finish up for graduation presents.  One for each of the twins, and one for their friend who was graduating with them.  With all the busyness of the day I never even got pictures of them!  I think the other mom did, so I will email her and see if she can send them to me.  *Head slap*.  I guess the important thing is that I got them all done on time, which was a huge relief.

Those of you who have been on the blog before, or are familiar with the family, know that we have four birthdays we celebrate in May.  I also did a cake for Senior's night during the volleyball season.  Here are some samples of my playing around with confectionery:

This is the cake for Senior's Night at Volleyball.  The numbers on the jerseys are the numbers of the four seniors on the team.

This was for the twins' birthday dinner.  Their candles are their initials. The base was two 9 by 13's with horse heads carved out of two square pans of cake. 

This one is self-explanatory.  :)

This cake was lots of fun.  It was made for Boys' week at camp this year.  It is showing the go-carts spinning out and running into each other. The base is white cake, vanilla frosting dyed green.  The carts and wheels are made out of rice krispie treats covered with fondant, cones,  and the lettering is out of fondant.  Caleb helped me with the sculpting. 

This cake was made back in March for a Leadership retreat at camp.  Ephesians 5:15 was theme verse.  Don't worry, that is edible ink on the fondant. 

After graduation Dale and I went away to The Quiet Place in Naples, NY, to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  It was just what we needed after such a busy couple months of preparation! I was also still in college classes right up until the day before we left for our trip.  Thankfully we both survived. 

I hope to get back to more regular blogging.  I know, you have read that before.  Bear with me!  I'm a college student still, and the work isn't getting any easier!  But, blogging is fun, and I know certain family members like to see what we are up to (Hi Grandmother!).