Thursday, April 30, 2009

P.S. on the Swine Flu

For an interesting article, click here.

Thinking About the Swine Flu

With all the talk about the swine flu, I have been thinking... "How bad is it really?" Disease is part of life, and there have been many "epidemics" and the like that have spread faster and wiped out more people, and no modern medicine available. So what are we afraid of, really? No one likes the unknown, and this flu is basically and unknown. No one likes to be sick. No ones likes to see their loved ones or friends sick. And no one likes death. No one likes their status quo threatened.

However, life is full of changes, and the status quo, whatever that may be is a fragile thing. There is always something. And what is the purpose or point to all this?

There is nothing new under the sun.

I am talking about God getting our attention. He has done that with the Isrealites for thousands of years. Wars, famine, hostile invstions, pestilences, and evil leaders. Any of that sound familiar?

Unfortunately, to get our attention as a nation, means that the "rain will fall on the just and the unjust" so to speak. So even if you are a believer living for the Lord, that doesn't mean you get an automatic exemption card from the trials and tribulations. It also means that not every unbeliever will suffer. I think the point is that the economic downfalls, the disease, the failed crops, the weird weather patterns, etc. will be widespread enough to grab everyone's attention. Can this country see revival? I believe all things are possible with God, but I do think it unlikely at this point. The Bible describes the last days being like the days of Noah. There was no great revival before the flood. There was no great turning back to God before the Lord opened up the fountains of the deep and sent rain for 40 days and nights and covered the earth with His judgment.

Times change, the "status quo" changes, the powers that be change, health changes, technology changes, but the Lord doesn't change. He will always be just, he will always do right. And while yes, I believe He knows and is in charge, I am truly sorry for those who suffer, and grieve with the parents who lost their child to the flu. No one should bury their child.. that just seems so wrong. I also believe that we should be wise in living.

Another thought I had was that we have some things going for us. The worst of the epidemics were before we knew much about sanitation. We know about covering our faces when we sneeze or cough, washing our hands, staying home when sick, etc. Thanks to Pastuer, we have a better knowledge of germs in general. Maybe one reason why the Mexicans are harder hit than we are is because we are a more sanitary society. I've been to Mexico... they aren't the cleanest. And their nutrition isn't the best, either. I don't know... I'm just rambling now.

Then there is the question on why this flu strain is stronger than normal (they say). Is it? I read somewhere that 36,000 people die a year with the regular flu that they get shots for, which makes me wonder how effective are those shots anyway? Also, our society has been big on giving antibiotics and vaccines for so many things, it is only natural that viruses would change to beat the medicinal front. We take antibiotics, and our our natural defense atrophy, then when a virus that has adapted to bypassing the antibiotics, not only do we not have medical help, but our own natural defenses are greatly reduced.

Speaking of vaccines, I read an article where they are trying to make a vaccine against this flu, and predict it will be ready to be tested on humans by the middle of May. Then shortly after that, it will be on the market. I wonder if by then this thing will have run its course it will be much ado about nothing. We have no way of knowing, of course.

I read rumors that the vaccine will be mandantory, and if you don't get it then you'll be put in a government quarentine.. aka prison? That is rumor, but I was thinking that while I am for helping the sick, I think the vaccine should be voluntary, and that each person should have free choice whether or not to get it. Besides, there is no way of knowing how the vaccine will work. Whooping cough is routinely vaccinated against, and if you go to public school here you have to have the shot. Yet, last year, there was an epidemic of the whooping cough in a public school so bad they actually shut down for a week or so. That vaccine has been around for a while, too.

So where does this lead us? What is the point of all this rambling? Well, I don't know where it leads us and there really is no point, just some thinking, and wondering what Obama may be up to now. No offense, I don't trust the man, and that is sad to have to say about the President.

Something solid we can always count on is God's word.
Psalm 91... read it, and may it be a blessing to you today!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: April 27

Outside my window... Sunshine! And cool air for the moment. It is going to be hot today "they" say.

I am thinking... about the day's activities and what I would like to accomplish today then paring down the list to something somewhat reasonable.

I am thankful for... The Lord being my Anchor and Rock.

From the learning rooms... Finishing up our U.S. Constitution and Space lapbooks this week. Our School term is winding down and I need to make up a general plan of what we need for next term.

From the kitchen... Nothing exciting, just regular cooking today, minimal actually. We'll be baking tomorrow when it is cooler.

I am wearing... Pj's and summer housecoat, slippers. (I need to start doing this after I get dressed. It looks like I hang around in my pj's all day eating bonbons!)

I am creating... Dresses for the girls... never even touched them last week! Also knitting a laprobe for our Fibers of Faith ministry.

I am going... to a FOF meeting tonight.

I am reading... Still in Psalms in the Bible. I just finished "The Road" on CD. It was very good!

I am hoping... To finish the girls' dresses this week, and get their slips started, also get the fabric for the quilt I am making washed. As soon as I am done with the girls' stuff, I'll be working on that quilt!

I am hearing... The early morning birds doing their thing, and the gentle sound of pages turning behind me o the couch as the older four have been up for a while doing their Bible reading and now just "for fun" reading while I have my coffee.

Around the house... I have glads to plant in the memorial garden, and some indoor herbs to start for the fun of it. Also need to do laundry today, and get to hang it out!

One of my favorite things... Listening to the peepers after the kids are in bed at night.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Getting manure put on the garden plot, go through the bikes and get rid of the extraneous parts and pieces, get my bike oiled and tightened or whatever needs to be done, make dentist appointments for me and Dh, and eye appointment for Benjamin, and of course, the never ending sewing! :D

Here is picture thought I am sharing:

FOR TODAY: April 27

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Are NOT the Duggars, Thankyouverymuch

Today, as promised by the forecast, it was very hot, especially for April. It hit about 90 here at the house, and 94 downtown. At least the humidity wasn't too high, which helped. But it was hot! It felt more like July than April. Maybe this means July will be cooler than normal.

We left the house today after a late lunch to go shopping for shoes for the kids. Amazing how they grow and before you know it toes are getting pinched in sneaker and church shoes. We would have gone in the morning, but Dale goes out on visitation with one of the older kids then. That's fine with me, as the rest of us use that time to do some weekly cleaning and laundry. Since today was so warm, we stripped beds and washed all the sheets and pillowcases, and I did some more of our winter blankets and quilts. Stuff dried quickly, and just before we left I hung some clothes out, after all the bedding was dried and down.

First thing we noticed was that the AC in the new (to us) van wasn't working. Of course not. Why would it in 90 weather? I admit I had a less than sweet attitude about that, but Dale assured me that we would have it fixed before the hot weather was here to stay. I am way less tolerant of the hot weather than I was when we first got married. I don't know if it is due to so many pregnancies, or just getting older, or what. Either way, hot weather really bothers me now. Not just cranky, but I get extra tired, and even nauseous sometimes. Anyway, with the van rolling along it wasn't too bad though there was no way to hold a conversation with all the open window noise.

Our first stop when shoe shopping for the kids is always the thrift store. The only thing better would be yard saling, but the couple yard sales we saw didn't have much in the way of clothing, and looked mostly like glass wares and old furniture, or old books and LP's. If it was me, I would have stopped anyway, just because I love yard saling, but we were on a mission, and Dale helped me to keep focused on that.

We did pretty well in the thrift store. We bought several pairs of shoes, a shirt for the girls, and I got a cute little bag to put the portable CD player in for when I go for a walk. I have discovered the pockets in my skirts aren't bit enough to fit the player in. I can sling this case over my shoulder with the player in and my headphones on, and walk and listen to some music or a book on CD. By the way, not to show my age, but I still call those contraptions "Walkmans" even if they are an Ipod (okay, that is heretical, but there it is!) or CD player.

Here is a pic of all the goods (the total for just the shoes was only $14.40. With everything it was around $18 or so if I remember correctly.)

We didn't find church shoes for Benjamin or Jerusha so off to Wallyworld we pedalled. I fed Isaac while everyone but Esther went in. She stayed behind in the van with me while I finished feeding the baby and then we three went in together. I had to get a couple personal items then met Dale in the shoe department. He found some church shoes, but there wasn't anything in Jerusha's size for church, if you can believe that. While we were there we got some gardening seeds, and some bike helmets for me and the older three kids as we will be doing some road riding this summer. The youngers still just ride around on the property for now. I also got some Gladiola bulbs to put in the memorial garden this year, and a little herbal planter set. All on clearance, of course. For some reason I have wanted to do the window ledge herbal thing so, here is my start!

The last stop we made was to a Payless Shoe store across the parking lot from Walmart. I found shoes for Jerusha finally, and grumbled at paying "that" price for them, but it couldn't be helped this time. Next time she can go barefoot. Pffft.

While we were waiting in line Dh came in to give me his credit card (I left my purse at home) and the lady in front of us, a young gal in her mid twenties probably, was complimenting us on how pretty our girls were. Well, that was very nice, but you should have seen her face when I told her I had 4 boys out in the van, which is where dh was headed with the girls to get them seated while I paid for the purchase. The gal was so funny. She was going on and on about how she had this party to go to tonight and how she didn't have enough time to go home because she had her toes done (it was a nice pedicure, I have to say) so she had had to purchase the outfit she was wearing to get to the party on time. It was either a surprise party for her brother in law, or a bridal shower... I can't figure out which as she mentioned both of them in one breath. I missed the information as I was wondering what it was like to cram your day full of pedicures and "oh I need something to wear to the party tonight" instead of shoes for kids, laundry, and ironing. She looked very nice, I assured her, and complimented her cute shoes.

Anyway, when I mentioned the four boys out in the van she said "Oh wow! You are, like, just like, the Duggars!"

I'm like... what??? You're kidding? They have more than double the amount of kids that we have. They have grandchildren. Do I look old enough to have a grandchild? Then this sweet young thang said "Oh I just have to give you a hug". Talk about friendly. Here she is, dressed to the hilt, all stylish, clean, tan giving me, in my old jean culottes and old nursing shirt ,with spit up all over it, my hair a mess from driving in the open-windowed van, and all hot and sweaty... some people get what they deserve. LOL. Anyway, she went on and on and my dh said that when she came out she walked by our van and said "See, this is JUST like the Duggars!"

Why is that if you have more than 2.8 children it is considered a big family? And if you have more than 4 then you are "just like the Duggars"? When I was pregnant with the twins many people made reference to us in conjunction with that family.. the McCaughey's (?) that had septuplets that year.

We are not the Duggars.
We are not the McCaugheys.
We are not in competition with anyone.
We are who we are, and it is what it is. We are content where the Lord has us, whether we have more children or not. We are the average joe parents, just trying to raise our family, and loving, enjoying, teaching our children.

Today was one of those fun days... spending some time out and about together. Well, except for the AC not working in the van. ;) It was also a hot day, and I am glad the sun has set and the air is cooling off in the house. It was a busy day, and I am glad children are bedded, and I can get Isaac a nitey nite feeding, and then get a shower and relax and go to sleep.

Look at those thighs! Poor anemic, spindly little thang!

Speaking of which... duty calls! Blessings from our home to yours.

Friday, April 24, 2009

End of Another Week

Where did the week go? It seems to me it has been an usually busy week for us, but for the life of me, I can't put my finger on what exactly caused it.

Today was a gorgeous spring day. In the mid 70's, dry, and sunny. I crammed my laundry lines full of clothes and blankets and towels that I washed. Tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat of today, but about 10 degrees warmer! Mid 80's or more? In April? Whoa... break out the sprinkler and squirt guns!

We had an easy day of school, as usual for us on a Friday. By the end of the week we are ready for an easy day. For Art we are doing a study on portrait drawing. Each week we learn about drawing a new feature. I have been using this site for the basics.

We are also in the midst of doing two lapbooks. One on Astronomy, to finish up our unit study in that subject, and one on the U.S. Constitution. It started out as a Unit study for Patriot's Day. Okay, who knows when that is? or was? You didn't know you would get a pop quiz, did you? We did a lap book on the Boston Tea Party, that went into the U.S. Constitution. We read a biography on Paul Revere, and also read True to the Old Flag by G.A. Henty, and Johnny Tremain.

After these the two lap books are finished, I don't think we'll do any more for this term, though I was toying with one about gardening. We are almost done with our school year, so we'll probably just finish up what we are doing, including reviews for the end of the school year recital.

After chores and schoolwork was done today, I intended on sewing, but it was TOO nice out! After Dh got home from work Esther and I went for a nice long walk while supper finished cooking. We had tater tot casserole tonight with peas, and a salad. When I was done eating I made the announcement that as soon as everyone was finished we would go back outside and play kick ball until dark. All of a sudden everyone got very intent on eating. So, we went out, and I sent Benjamin over to invite the neighbor kids who were playing in their yard, to join us. We actually ended up over there for a while, but then migrated to our yard for a kickball game until it was way too dark to see.

As we came in I ran the children through the shower, and we got them in bed after family devotions. Dale helped me with the kitchen clean up. He volunteered to wash the supper dishes. What a guy! We kind of just left everything where it was when we went running out to play after supper. That's okay. It was a fun filled evening. Now it is time to feed Isaac for his nite-nite time, and then I will get comfy too.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four Months Old!

You blink you miss it. That is how I feel about our children growing up. I wish I could just bottle up certain times to relive later. A sweet prayer from a toddler, good fellowship with my almost teenager, the smell of Isaacs head while he is snuggled up on my shoulder, the times I read to the littles... yes we can remember them fondly, but all the pictures and movies are nothing compared to the a senses working at that moment.. the smell of the baby's head, the feel of my son, growing up into a young man, as he helps seat me at the table or puts his arm around me for no reason, or the sound of Caleb and Jerusha playing "church", the sight of the twins sitting together whispering and giggling like best of friends.

The last four months have been busy, but have gone by in a flash. Isaac is no longer a newborn. At least he is still in the baby stage. He isn't rolling over yet, but is slowly getting the idea that "hey, I might be able to flip myself over if I get the logistics figured out!". Where does the time go, anyway?

Here are some recent pics of Isaac:

"Hmmmm, what is this???"

"Hmmm, a teradactyl?"

"Yum! Tastes just like chicken!"

Such a handsome little man!

Supressing the Gag Reflex

Oh PUHLEEZE! Talk about left wing liberal media propaganda. "Most Americans"???? I was never asked, and I am pretty sure that at LEAST people in conservative circles wern't asked, and probably not many others, for that matter. Read the following, and try not to vomit.

AP Poll: Americans High on Obama, Direction of U.S.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Toy - Update

I got out the machine, and found the only problem was that the lady who gave it to me used a heavy craft thread in it, instead of sewing thread, and that was what was throwing off the tension. So, after playing with it for a while, I called her to inform her of my discovery, and tried to give it back to her. She said "No, I like my new one way better, so you and the girls just enjoy it." I tried to pay her for it too. Nothing doing. I felt badly because there was NOTHING wrong with the machine, just the wrong thread was used. She went and bought a $400 embroidery machine because she was so frustrated with the Singer. After a valiant effort to give it back to her, it is now happily adopted into our family.

I love the way the machine SOUNDS! such a nice little purr to it. It has several features that caught me by surprise. Like, the needle automatically going into "up" position. I have, many, many, many times unthreaded my needle by accident because of the needle not being in the "up" position when I started a seam. Also, there is this weird little attachment that I couldn't figure out at first, near the needle shaft. I eyeballed it, but then forgot about it as I went through the instruction book (no, I'm not a man! I actually read those things). I got it all threaded correctly and was ready to start sewing when I got to the part in the manual about that little attachment. DOH! It is the automatic needle threader (which I had already done manually). I never even knew machines came with them never mind that I actually HAD one! LOL

I am keeping my Janome nearby because all my machine quilting attachments definitely fit that, and they are spendy to replace. Plus, we can quickly set it up at the big table for my twins, who are learning to sew (slowly but surely). Also, for machine quilting, the big table is better for that because there is much more room than at my sewing desk. I will eventually check to see if the quilting attachments will work with the Singer, but for now, I am so excited about new machine, and I'm already brain storming ideas on what we might be able use the decorative stitching. So many options! Of course, being a quilter, my first thought was ... A Crazy Quilt! That decorative stitching will be perfect on that!

OHOHOHOH... and here is something I just now noticed.. it has a thread cutter on the back! Whoohoo! (Yes, I am easily amused, and No, I don't get out enough.)

Here are some pics:

My new toy out of the box

Accessories Box that detaches for free arm sewing:

New toy accessories:

New toy stitch panel:

It even came with a plastic cover (as if I have any dust in the house.. guffaw...)

Here is the automatic needle threader thingamabob:

Here is my new toy all threaded and ready to go:

I spent time doing some sample decorative stitching:

For some reason Isaac didn't find all the "shop" talk terribly exciting. He does the same thing my mom does.. glazes over, goes into screen saver mode, and then sleep mode.

Next on the shopping list is a good case for the Janome machine, and some bobbins for the Singer. They are different from the Janome ones (of course!).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A New Toy!

A lady at our church bought this then didn't like it. She said she couldn't get the tension right for the fancy stitches, and it was very frustrating to her so she bought an embroidery macine and asked if I wanted this one.

It is a Singer Advance with lots of buttons and whistles. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet, but plan to this afternoon to play with it a bit.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook for Today

FOR TODAY April 20, 2009....

Outside my window... Rainy and gray. We need the rain!

I am thinking... About the day ahead and what we need to get done.

I am thankful for... my wonderful husband.

From the learning rooms... Working on U.S. Constitution and Astronomy lapbooks, and getting organized for the end of the year. Also, my children put out their third edition of their newsletter for our family. We are enjoying that!

From the kitchen... Not much going on in there today. Baking is caught up for the moment, and we just finished breakfast. There is the lingering aroma of coffee, making a homey "smell" to the house.

I am wearing... oops, you caught me in my pj's and bathrobe.

I am creating... Dresses for the girls, a laprobe to donate to our Fibers of Faith group, someday if I EVER finish it! LOL

I am going...with dh and the children to calling hours tonight for a godly lady we knew that passed away. Saturday we are going shoe shopping for a couple of the kids that have outgrown their church shoes and mentioned it Sunday that the shoes hurt their feet! Yay, thrift store shopping!

I am reading... in Psalms still, and loving it. I am listening to "The Road" on CD when I go for a walk or need to veg out. It is really good!

I am hoping... To get some sewing/quilting done. It's a good day to curl up with it!

I am hearing... the twins whispering together in good sisterly fashion behind me while they start their chores. They crack me up!

Around the house... Many spring cleaning projects to be done inside and out, but for today, we are on a tight schedule for school and regular household duties as we will have to leave as soon as Dh gets ready after he gets home.

One of my favorite things... Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon between services just reading and relaxing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish the set of dresses for the twins, start slips for them, work on hand quilting and knitting, and do at least one spring cleaning project.

Here is picture thought I am sharing:

If you want to participate in the Simple Womans Daybook go to The Simple Woman's blog for the guidelines.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

I love that site! If you don't suscribe to them, you should, especially if you homeschool. Even if you don't homeschool, you can glean something from it. Today's freebie is the Ebook "101 Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling". Timely for me as I will soon be looking into ordering for next terms' schooling, and along with most families, would like to cut some corners this year, if possible.

Here is the link to the FREE download:
101 Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling free Ebook

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring spring spring spring...

Did I mention it is very springy here! Yipeee! I can't wait to get the garden planted. We are doing a very simple garden this year. First though, we are waiting on some manure. We never did do that last fall, but the gentleman promised he'd come soon (whatever that is) to spread it. It is free of charge, so I'm not complaining! Oh yeah, it would help to get some seeds too. :)

In the meantime I am taking advantage of the wonderful breezy, warm day and doing tons of laundry... bedding, blankets, clothes, diapers, and some kitchen towels. The sheets got dried in a hurry and made room for lots more. I wish the day was a little longer, I could really get lots more blankets done!

We also did some baking this morning. We made a double batch of bread, a double batch of ginger snaps, and I plan on making no bakes in a bit. The older kids and Dale are going to be stacking wood when he gets back from a visit with an older gentleman in our church who has been ill. I'll probably be inside catching up on getting some home school stuff printed up, catching up on some record keeping, hopefully some sewing, and playing.. um, tending to Isaac. Oh, I also need to put the clean sheets on our bed and remake it, and tidy up our room. Lord willing, I will also be going for a walk later.

So, we get all that done and then.. relax this evening, right? Nope, afraid not tonight. The boys need haircuts and I have a HUGE pile of ironing to deal with. I actually enjoy doing that after the kids are all in bed. I listen to books on CD, or some music, and I can let my mind wander without having to be mentally engaged to a house full of activity.

Needless to say, we look forward to a day of rest on Sundays! Of course, Dale works by preaching three times that day, and I do the music, but it is still restful to us. We don't do any chores, except for the very basics, and allow ourselves time to relax in the afternoons.

You all have a wonderful weekend and blessed Lord's day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hair Fun

I love to play with long hair. That is something I have missed with my hair when I donated to Locks of Love a year ago. It is growing out some, but I keep getting it trimmed so it is only about a couple inches below my shoulders now, with layers. Ah well, thankfully I have three daughters, and the twins' hair is way down to their waists, so I enjoy experimenting with their hair, much to their chagrin. Jerusha's hair is getting pretty long, but four year olds are much less tolerant of the fussing around with hair than the almost 11 year olds. Of course, by the time I finish with all three girls, I don't have much time to do a fancy hair-do on me, so maybe the shoulder length, wash and wear style is best for me right now!

Here are some pics of the "Do'" we've been enjoying. They aren't as elaborate as they look. It is really amazing what you can do when you master some of the basics of braiding.

Elizabeth is wearing her hair in two simple french braids. I love this style because it holds the hair neatly, and prettily back from the face. A tiny little bit of spray gel holds the fly away strands well enough.

Here is what is called a "cameo bun" I believe. I pulled the top half of Elizabeth's hair into a bun, then braided the remainder underneath and pinned it around the bun.

Esther's hair is pulled back into a flipped pony tail here, braided the tail, then clipped it up into a little updo. This was wicked quick and easy, and turns out very nice, as you can see.

This is a two tiered braid, featured in the Anne of Greene Gables movie. Again, very easy, quick, and fun to do.

Jerusha's hair is always more interesting to do because she is four, squirmy, and has slippery, fine hair. This is just a simple french ponytail.

Hair styling is easier when the hair hasn't been washed for about 24 hours. The natural oils and stuff in the hair make it easier to braid and style. When it is just washed, there is no immediate oils, and the hair is slippery and won't hold the style well. Myself, and the girls, wash our hair about 3 times a week. We could probably get away with less, but that is good enough for now.

Happy styling!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still On the Journey....

I haven't mentioned Aaron in a while. That isn't because we have forgotten him, or pushed his memory far from our thoughts. Actually, in some ways it has been the opposite. With Isaac around, it reminds of what we have and are missing with Aaron. I keep thinking there should be a little toddler around. Isaac should be growing up with a brother close to his age. It is strange to be holding Isaac in my arms and yet aching from time to time for the son I will never hold again.

Every so often I have a "boo hoo" day still, but they are much further apart now, thankfully. But sometimes, the whole grieving process comes back to bite me with a vengeance and I am reminded that Aaron's death is still very much part of my immediate memories and influences me emotionally. There have been times when I just sit in the rocking chair, holding Isaac, and bawling and looking at Aaron's portrait. Weird, I know, but it is cleansing in its own way.

As usual, this whole process of grieving is full of contradictions. If I take time to grieve for Aaron, I feel guilty because Isaac is here with us, healthy, loveable, cute, and totally addicting to watch and play with and take care of. I have joy on the one hand because of Isaac, but my heart still aches some times for Aaron.

Overall however, that deep, hard, terrible greiving is much abated, and like I said, only rears its ugly head from time to time. I find I am much more prone to it when I am very tired, or overwhelmed or stressed.

There are times, like today when I just have to say in my heart, "I miss you, little boy."

Monday, April 13, 2009


We are back after a busy busy week of schooling, getting ready for our guests, and having our annual missions conference. It has been a wicked busy, but wonderfully refreshing week for us. Our speaker was Tyler Masters. He and his wife Gretchen, and so cute 18 month old daughter, Norah, were a huge blessing to us. There was good preaching every night, and good fellowship as well. You can always tell when you hit it off with the missionary family when you aren't getting enough sleep because of talking too late into the night!

While Brother Masters did all the preaching, our family did all the music. The kids did a fantastic job! They really worked hard, and I am one proud Mama of how well they handled the busyness and pressure of being "on" all the time. I should have thought to do some video clips, but wasn't that clever. We had several family songs, and a couple of flute/recorder duets (Elizabeth and I), and Benjamin, Esther, and Josiah all played offeratories, and Dale sung a solo. We basically had to specials per night, along with all the congregational singing, so it added up to lots of music, which Dale really likes for several reasons, but that is another thread for another time.

As is our custom, we made a trip down to the Science Center with our guests. The outdoor area wasn't open the last time we went, but is was this time. They had a a couple new features, that replaced a couple of old ones, but it was all still so fun!

Brother Masters was such a good sport in playing game after mind numbing game of chess with Benjamin. He said he enjoyed bored games... um, er.. board games, rather. We like most board games too, for the record. Chess just drives me batty. I can never keep straight the different moves, and the exceptions to the moving rules, Oiy vey!

Here I was trying to get Norah to grin at the camera, but she was still not happy with Mama and Daddy leaving her with this weirdo lady while they were elsewhere in the house. She did eventually warm up to me.

FOR TODAY April 13th, 2009

Outside my window... Sunshine! But it is chilly. Was only in the mid-20's when I first got up.

I am thinking... How refreshing the missions conference was!

I am thankful for... The time spent in making new friends.

From the learning rooms... We are taking today off. I need to get organized for this week in the home and for their schoolwork, and I have some grading to catch up on.

From the kitchen... I will be starting some ham soup in a little bit, and the girls will be making some bread.

I am wearing... Ack... caught me in my pj's and bathrobe! LOL

I am creating... Dresses for the girls, and a knitted laprobe for our Fibers of Faith group.

I am going... For a walk later, I hope!

I am reading... in the Psalms.. my favorite book in the Bible.

I am hoping... today will be relaxed, but that we can do a few little chores around the house.

I am hearing... General soft chatter from the children, the washer running, and soft music in the background.

Around the house... Catching up on some laundry folding, washing several loads of laundry, general picking up, menu planning, school work planning, and grocery list making for the week, then I get to sew!

One of my favorite things... A nice relaxing cup of coffee or tea, snuggled up with a book.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Basically just working on the spring/summer sewing list and going about our usual chores, schoolwork, etc. We also need to work on some new music.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

(This pic makes me remember that spending time with Isaac is a wonderful priority, and a privilege, and that I am allowed to enjoy it and not feel guilty about anything else that isn't getting done.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Appalling. Simply Appalling.

I don't even know what to say! This is just unbelievable. Obama has got to be setting some kind of record for the worst president in the history of the USA. UGH!

Declaration of Independence Repealed

Read it and weep. Literally.

Monday, April 6, 2009

FOR TODAY April 6th...

Outside my window...It is gray and rainy... welcome to Wville's mud season!

I am thinking... that if this computer doesn't stop acting up I'm going to put my fist through the monitor.

I am thankful for... The perfectness of Christ.

From the learning rooms... New lapbook study on the Constitution. We just finished one about the Boston Tea Party.

From the kitchen... My helpful little bakers are making homemade ginger snaps. We will be making blueberry muffins and bread tomorrow.

I am wearing... chocolate brown 3 tiered skirt and a green tunic with embroidery. Oh, and my slippers. :)

I am creating... dresses for the girls, and getting ready to make a quilt for my neice.

I am going... No where.. too much to do here at home to prepare for the Missions conference this week.

I am reading... Psalms! My favorite!

I am hoping... that I can curb my temper at the puter today. I have a lot to do for school and the computer is ornery today!

I am hearing... Some children working on schoolwork, some baking, and one doing the breakfast dishes. Isaac is in the swing gearing up for a cry so I need to hurry here.

Around the house... I need to do some general organizing, and a TON of laundry today!

One of my favorite things... Snuggle time with the children and DH.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Last minute cleaning, Missionaries coming in on Wednesday, and our Missions conference from Wednesday through Sunday night. LOTS of music practice going on for everybody. Hoping to get some sewing in before the conference, but we'll see.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

I need to spend more time in God's Word and in prayer!

Thank You!

... to HomeschoolmummyX3 for the above award!

The award is as follows:"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated."

The rules are:

Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Each of the following ladies, I simply love. They each have faced their own challenges in their lives and the way they encapsulate their experiences endears them greatly to my heart.

I see on Regina's blog that she reads most of the same blogs I do! LOL... so, I may have to break the rule. I haven't been reading a lot of blogs online for the last several months for some strange reason. As far as charming blogs go...

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Sewing!

I got to check a couple more things off my sewing list for this spring. Here are two dresses I made for Esther and Elizabeth. I have started two more dresses for the twins, and have a nursing top cut out for me, and will cut out another one as soon as I have 10 minutes to myself and the big table unused.