Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Toy - Update

I got out the machine, and found the only problem was that the lady who gave it to me used a heavy craft thread in it, instead of sewing thread, and that was what was throwing off the tension. So, after playing with it for a while, I called her to inform her of my discovery, and tried to give it back to her. She said "No, I like my new one way better, so you and the girls just enjoy it." I tried to pay her for it too. Nothing doing. I felt badly because there was NOTHING wrong with the machine, just the wrong thread was used. She went and bought a $400 embroidery machine because she was so frustrated with the Singer. After a valiant effort to give it back to her, it is now happily adopted into our family.

I love the way the machine SOUNDS! such a nice little purr to it. It has several features that caught me by surprise. Like, the needle automatically going into "up" position. I have, many, many, many times unthreaded my needle by accident because of the needle not being in the "up" position when I started a seam. Also, there is this weird little attachment that I couldn't figure out at first, near the needle shaft. I eyeballed it, but then forgot about it as I went through the instruction book (no, I'm not a man! I actually read those things). I got it all threaded correctly and was ready to start sewing when I got to the part in the manual about that little attachment. DOH! It is the automatic needle threader (which I had already done manually). I never even knew machines came with them never mind that I actually HAD one! LOL

I am keeping my Janome nearby because all my machine quilting attachments definitely fit that, and they are spendy to replace. Plus, we can quickly set it up at the big table for my twins, who are learning to sew (slowly but surely). Also, for machine quilting, the big table is better for that because there is much more room than at my sewing desk. I will eventually check to see if the quilting attachments will work with the Singer, but for now, I am so excited about new machine, and I'm already brain storming ideas on what we might be able use the decorative stitching. So many options! Of course, being a quilter, my first thought was ... A Crazy Quilt! That decorative stitching will be perfect on that!

OHOHOHOH... and here is something I just now noticed.. it has a thread cutter on the back! Whoohoo! (Yes, I am easily amused, and No, I don't get out enough.)

Here are some pics:

My new toy out of the box

Accessories Box that detaches for free arm sewing:

New toy accessories:

New toy stitch panel:

It even came with a plastic cover (as if I have any dust in the house.. guffaw...)

Here is the automatic needle threader thingamabob:

Here is my new toy all threaded and ready to go:

I spent time doing some sample decorative stitching:

For some reason Isaac didn't find all the "shop" talk terribly exciting. He does the same thing my mom does.. glazes over, goes into screen saver mode, and then sleep mode.

Next on the shopping list is a good case for the Janome machine, and some bobbins for the Singer. They are different from the Janome ones (of course!).

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