Saturday, October 8, 2016


Finally!  I'm trying to get back into posting here, especially since my grandmother commented that she "hadn't seen anything new in a long time.  Ahem."

Okay, so I got the hint!  And since my grandmother was the one that got me interested in quilting, this post will be about a quilt.  :)

I made this quilt a while ago.  It was sitting in a stack with some UFO's, longing for a home.  The perfect opportunity came through a young lady we are acquainted with from a State Park near us.  She and her husband were expecting their first child.  The colors are neutral, because the gender of the baby was left for a surprises.  I also thought the color of the outdoors would be nice, since she and her husband are both the outdoorsy types.  She loved it!  And had an adorable baby girl last spring.

Just to quickly update on all our doings, since graduation, the family has been in a whirl of college prep for the twins, who are currently at Maranatha Baptist University in WI, and Benjamin is attending Miracle Mountain Ranch for their discipleship program in Spring Creek, PA.  Yes, that's right, we are down to 4 kids!  People keep asking me if the house seems empty, or if life has slowed down.  The answer:
No.... and

If anything we are just as busy, if not busier.  You see, the kids that are still home are younger, and need more attention.  We are flying around for art lessons, music lessons, and Josiah is in dual enrollment classes 3 nights a week.  Dale is still working two jobs, and I am still in college.  I'm officially a Junior now, but the difficulty of the work has ramped up.  Also, I just started writing for the Odyssey, and online publication.  Feel free to check it out.  My first story won't be out for another week, but there is some nice contributions to peruse in the mean time.

There... grandmother... are you happy now?  :)