Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Gag Me With a Red Heart

Most people who know me understand that I don't really care for Valentine's Day.  It is really my husband's fault.  Everyday he finds a way to show me that he loves me.  He is kind, sweet, and puts up with my temper, argumentative spirit, and frustrations like a gentlemen.  He opens the door for me, kisses me, and tells me he loves me multiple times every day.

Not only that, but my man knows how to fill in when I am so busy I don't have time to blink.  He cooks, cleans, cracks the whip with the kids.  He doesn't "watch the kids".  He isn't a babysitter.  He is a parent, and he knows how to do that very well.  I never have to worry if I am gone overnight, or away for the day.  He knows how to be a parent to his own kids. 

So, in the light of honest, sincere love, displayed on an everyday basis, the Hallmark holiday of Valentine's Day leaves me mostly disgusted, though I admit that eating chocolate for any reason is a good thing.  If you are going to buy me flowers, send me a card, give me jewelry, then do it on your own volition, not under pressure of an overrated, overpriced, over-hyped holiday created for purely mercantile purposes. 

So, Happy Valentine's Day to all the true lover's out there who think February 14th is just for amateurs in the realm of what it means to really love someone.

In honor of that sentiment, I have a new article out on Medium, called Make Like A Chocolate And Bite Me

I hope you enjoy the humor side of all of this, and have a lovely day.


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Where Did January Go?

Time does fly when you are busy!  I cannot believe I have totally missed the month of January on here.  I was hoping to post once a week back in the fall, then realized I was more likely to post once a month with a "catch up" post.  Apparently I am failing at that too!

Our Christmas break was great.  I really needed a breather from all the hustle and bustle.  The kid were on break, I was on break, all was going well until the second half when the tummy bug hit the house and people started spending a lot of time in the bathroom or with buckets.  We made it through, and even though it came back and made a second visit for many of us,  Liz and I were the only ones who avoided it.  At least that is what I thought.  A week after the last victim recovered, I got it.  It was short-lived, thankfully, just SO annoying.  Liz never did get it.  She mostly hid upstairs in a corner or at work.

January 8th we all started back with most of our regular routine.  It kicked off art and piano lessons, dual enrollment classes and and a new term for me.  My LAST term, I might add.  I have four weeks of undergrad study left, and then I'm done! 

Until April 30th when I start with the MFA program.  That's right peeps, proving myself a glutton for punishment, I'm jumping right into a master's program for Creative Writing and English.  I've looked over the program, and there is a TON of writing, and a TON of reading. 

Wicked.  Awesome.

But I digress....

Some of the highlights from this past month were:

New Gaming console.  Yippee.  Just what we need. (NOT!)

Esther was certified as a CNA and began work at our local hospital on the long term care floor.  The girl works the graveyard shift.  Better her than me.

Ben is... well... eating.  No surprise there.  Actually he and Heather are planning their wedding, scheduled for August 19th, 2018.  

Jerusha had her 13th birthday, and as per family tradition got two more holes in her head.  Her best friend also had hers done at the same time.  We had a fun girls' day out with going to the mall, eating at Friendly's, and going to the movies.  We saw the new Jumanji film.  Eh... it was okay.  The original with Robin Williams was much better. 

Of course I did a cake.  :)

(Thorn is her name on Roblox, which she plays a lot.)

Because I have NOTHING to do, I've been participating with a QAL (Quilt Along for you non-quilters) and using up some of my stash.  The blocks will be all set on point in the final project, so that is how I am photographing them.  The QAL is from Pat Sloan's sight, called "Let's Go Camping!" You can follow the link for the QAL if you want to join it.  The link will lead you to the Block #2, but all the previous links for supplies, general directions and tips, and Block #1 are all available for download. Never too late! 

January: Sunset Over the Lake

February: Burnt Marshmellows

I admit I am playing with Pat Sloan's titles because my color palette is very different from hers. The patterns are fun, and easy to follow.  The January block took much longer than the February, which was super easy and quick.  You can also post pics of the blocks on her site to enter for a monthly freebie.  Nothing to lose on this QAL!  

We have been having some cold, some snow... you know, winter weather here in Pennsylvania.  And I'm loving it every minute.  


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Break and Quilting Fun

Yes, yes... a post!  I've heard of ghost writers, but being totally invisible on my own blog is taking it a step too far, don't you think?

Just to prove that I have been diligently working away, to sum up the last few months I have been able to continue with my BA in Creative Writing degree.  I am almost finished with the program, and will be graduating next spring.  Then... well, let's just say I'm working out the logistics of going on my Master's degree.

November, as most writers know, is National Novel Writing Month.  Yes I participated, though this year it was much more difficult.  The kids and I were involved with "The Wizard of Oz" play at a local High School.  Josiah and Caleb were Ozian soldiers, and Isaac and Jerusha were munchkins, though Jerusha was kind of tall for that role.  She also played one of the Oz ladies.  I worked backstage which I discovered I loved.

Another challenge during November was dealing with a ROTTEN, nasty, snotty cold.  It knocked me for a loop for at least three weeks.  I still have a lingering tickle-cough thing going on.  For the record, Dale got the same cold, and it last three whole days.  Poor baby, eh?

Meanwhile, I knew Christmas was bearing down so I was busy... making cookies?  Nope.  Traipsing around singing Christmas carols?  Not me.  No, I was spending some quality time with my quilting machine.  

So, for some reason I totally had a brain cramp and forgot to get pictures of the bottom quilt in the last photo.  It was a sunflower theme with lots of custom quilting.  Thankfully, the recipient was a family member, so I will see if they can send a couple of pics back.  

I hope you and yours are having a happy, safe holiday season.  


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Potter County Fair Fun

As promised, here is the final update on how things went at the Fair.  Warning: Pic Heavy Post!

Caleb's Quilt (Lucky was kind enough to let him "borrow" it for the Fair) received a third place for machine pieced and machine quilted!  

My lap quilt got second place for its category. :)

Josiah's angler fish got first for its category! This pic is very striking in real life.  The pic doesn't really do it justice. 

Isaac's Lego sculpture didn't place, but it was still fun to enter it. 

Isaac's colored pencil drawing did place, though!

Jerusha's photography 

Caleb's photography

Caleb's colored pencil received 1st place for its category! (hey, Grandma and Grandpa... recognize that place?)  Sorry about the wicked glare from the flash of my camera.  

Jerusha's colored pencil wolf received an honorable 3rd place. 

Josiah's dinosaurs got a second place in its category.

We went one day to "play" around for the afternoon, and eat a bunch of yummy Fair food. 

Oh, I forgot, my succulent cake got second place in its category. 

By the way, if the pictures above are a little "Isaac" heavy you can blame the other children.  They all fled into different directions and wouldn't let me get a picture of them for anything.  So if you ever hear them whining "Isaac always had his picture taken..."  tell them to get over it, it's their own fault, and don't give me that crap about the youngest always getting everything.  Just sayin'.

The Fair was lots of fun, and I think the kids and I were quite inspired to do more for next year.  The number of entries was definitely down this year.  The more participation in these things, the more fun.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Miscellaneous Summer Fun!

I know... it's been a couple weeks since my last post.  I get everyone all revved up for more frequent entries and then I disappear.  Not fair, right?

We have had a ton of company over the last couple weeks, and have done VBS, and I have been running with my tongue hanging out trying to keep up with my schoolwork inbetween it all.  Also, we have been finishing up projects for the fair.

Monday was spent in a frenzy of last minute stuff getting ready. Since the cake I did won't be coming back to the house I made sure I got a pic.  This is called a succulent cake.  The "flowers" are supposed to be different flowering cacti, which is why it is called a "succulent".   We'll find out tonight how it "faired".  Pun intended. (Insert collective groan here).

This summer has been "cool" compared to some.  I was walking through the living room the other day and these two were wrapped up like it was subzero out. 

Of course, the upside is that some hot tea has been enjoyed.  One afternoon I made a Trim Healthy Mama caramel coffee drink.  Yummy! I enjoyed it while reading some Brit Lit.

Caleb made a quilt to enter into the Fair.  Here he is pinning on a border.  Tubby claimed the quilt and looked annoyed when she had to move.

Quilting on Mama's spendy machine!  He did a great job.

Another sprocket for my "Sprocket Science" quilt.  It is all English Paper Pieced.  I enjoy working on it in the evening or at the lake.  A great take-along project!

This is a quiche made from the THM cookbook.  It was a hit with all the family.  Will definitely make that again soon, especially with the bounty of eggs we are blessed with.

Summer fruit salad... yummy!

Isaac had fun with these generic "Jenga" blocks.  Forget the game... time to design something.  Hmmm... wonder if he'll be an architect or an engineer?

 Ummm... aren't these supposed to be the lazy, hazy days of summer?  That white board is way too full for this time of year. 

Isaac has learned the fine art of multitasking.  He is drawing a picture for the fair, listening to The Piano Guys, and twirling his Fidget Spinner. 

We have some beautiful sunsets around here.   

So, that is it for now.  We have plans to go to the Fair and check out how our projects did and have some fun.  I hope everyone takes time to stop and enjoy something today, whether it is a sunset, the birds, a gentle breeze, yummy food.. or best of all: Family.