Thursday, August 10, 2017

Potter County Fair Fun

As promised, here is the final update on how things went at the Fair.  Warning: Pic Heavy Post!

Caleb's Quilt (Lucky was kind enough to let him "borrow" it for the Fair) received a third place for machine pieced and machine quilted!  

My lap quilt got second place for its category. :)

Josiah's angler fish got first for its category! This pic is very striking in real life.  The pic doesn't really do it justice. 

Isaac's Lego sculpture didn't place, but it was still fun to enter it. 

Isaac's colored pencil drawing did place, though!

Jerusha's photography 

Caleb's photography

Caleb's colored pencil received 1st place for its category! (hey, Grandma and Grandpa... recognize that place?)  Sorry about the wicked glare from the flash of my camera.  

Jerusha's colored pencil wolf received an honorable 3rd place. 

Josiah's dinosaurs got a second place in its category.

We went one day to "play" around for the afternoon, and eat a bunch of yummy Fair food. 

Oh, I forgot, my succulent cake got second place in its category. 

By the way, if the pictures above are a little "Isaac" heavy you can blame the other children.  They all fled into different directions and wouldn't let me get a picture of them for anything.  So if you ever hear them whining "Isaac always had his picture taken..."  tell them to get over it, it's their own fault, and don't give me that crap about the youngest always getting everything.  Just sayin'.

The Fair was lots of fun, and I think the kids and I were quite inspired to do more for next year.  The number of entries was definitely down this year.  The more participation in these things, the more fun.

Have a blessed day!


Mrand Missusg said...

Awesome! I love everything! Especially the Lego sculpture. ;) How is everyone? Ben & the girls too?

Lisa said...

Everyone is good. Ben will be coming back from CA next week, and the girls are working, though not as much as they would like. I hope you are all well! Thanks for visiting today my friend!

Shellee Wilhite said...

Everyone did a fantastic job! It was SO fun to see the results of everyone's hard work! Glad to hear an update on the other kids as well!
Hugs from Hokkaido!