Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Break and Quilting Fun

Yes, yes... a post!  I've heard of ghost writers, but being totally invisible on my own blog is taking it a step too far, don't you think?

Just to prove that I have been diligently working away, to sum up the last few months I have been able to continue with my BA in Creative Writing degree.  I am almost finished with the program, and will be graduating next spring.  Then... well, let's just say I'm working out the logistics of going on my Master's degree.

November, as most writers know, is National Novel Writing Month.  Yes I participated, though this year it was much more difficult.  The kids and I were involved with "The Wizard of Oz" play at a local High School.  Josiah and Caleb were Ozian soldiers, and Isaac and Jerusha were munchkins, though Jerusha was kind of tall for that role.  She also played one of the Oz ladies.  I worked backstage which I discovered I loved.

Another challenge during November was dealing with a ROTTEN, nasty, snotty cold.  It knocked me for a loop for at least three weeks.  I still have a lingering tickle-cough thing going on.  For the record, Dale got the same cold, and it last three whole days.  Poor baby, eh?

Meanwhile, I knew Christmas was bearing down so I was busy... making cookies?  Nope.  Traipsing around singing Christmas carols?  Not me.  No, I was spending some quality time with my quilting machine.  

So, for some reason I totally had a brain cramp and forgot to get pictures of the bottom quilt in the last photo.  It was a sunflower theme with lots of custom quilting.  Thankfully, the recipient was a family member, so I will see if they can send a couple of pics back.  

I hope you and yours are having a happy, safe holiday season.  


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