Monday, June 19, 2017

Can Someone Hand Me the Scissors Please?

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm now writing for a new platform called Medium.  I will be contributing every other week for now.  Due to the busyness of life, that is about all I can handle.  I hope you enjoy.

Just click on the link below.

Can Someone Please Hand Me the Scissors?


Friday, June 16, 2017

How To Train Your Pet Rocks

This is a story Isaac and I are writing together.  All rights are reserved.  We will be trying to add a new installment about once a week.  Enjoy!

 How To Train Your Pet Rocks
by Lisa Post and Isaac Post

Chapter 1  

                One sunny summer, the Post family were all working outside.  Mom was working in the flower beds, pulling pesky weeds that insisted on coming up through the thick-layered mulch she had laid that spring.

                The other children, along with Dad, were landscaping for the new pool.  The whole family was very excited.  Isaac, the youngest, had the job of picking rocks.  This way, the bottom of the pool would be nice and smooth. 

                As he bent over to uncover more rocks, he suddenly heard:

                “Hey!  Over here!  In the wheelbarrow!”

                Isaac went over to the blue wheel barrel, and looked in.  Inside was a mouse.   Pumpkin stalked around the work area suspiciously, sniffing towards the wheelbarrow.

                “Did you say something?” Isaac asked.

                But the mouse just twitched his whiskers, jumped out, then ran off.  Pumpkin ran off after it.

                Isaac scratched his head, then turned to leave. 

                “Hey!  Hey!  Down here!”  he heard again.  This time he saw a rock in the wheelbarrow wiggling around in its spot.  “Can you get me out of here?”

                “Sure!” Isaac said, and picked it up.

                “My name is Terrence.  Thank you for picking me up!”

                “My name is Isaac, and you’re welcome.”

                “Can you help me with something?” Terrence asked.

                “Yes.  What do you need help with?”

                “Well, my brother Clarence is still in the wheelbarrow.  Can you help me find him?”

                “I guess so.  What does he look like?” Isaac asked, scratching his head.

                “He’s a little bigger than me, and he looks like, well, a rock.”

                Isaac began moving rocks around in the wheelbarrow, but ran into a problem.  When he piled the rocks out of the way, they would avalanche back down.  Finally, he decided to just toss the rocks out onto the ground.  After a while, Isaac felt Terrence wiggle with delight. 

                “There he is!  Clarence!  Clarence!  Wake up!”

                Another rock in the wheelbarrow wiggled sleepily.  Isaac heard it yawn. 

                “What?  I was napping!”

                “You are always napping.  Come on, Isaac is going to get us out of the wheelbarrow!” Terrence exclaimed.

                “That’s great!  Are we going to be his pets?” Clarence asked.

                There was an expectant pause.  Isaac realized they were waiting for him to answer.

                “Of course, I’ll keep you.  But, you are awfully dirty.  You both need a bath.”

                “Isaac!  What are you doing?  Those rocks need to be in the wheelbarrow.  Looks like you dumped half of them in the grass.  You can’t leave them there because the mower will hit them later,” Isaac’s older brother, Caleb pointed to the pile of rocks near Isaac, Clarence, and Terrence.

            “I guess I had better clean this up first,” Isaac shrugged. 

           The job didn’t take long, and then Isaac took Terrence and Clarence to the house.  Terrence told Isaac about how they lived in the dirt where the pool was being dug, but got put in the wheelbarrow while they were clearing the land.  As Terrence talked, Pumpkin, who had given up on chasing the mouse, was  waiting at the door to go in out of the heat.  He heard Terrence talking, and didn’t recognize the voice.  He was startled because he saw Isaac, the youngest of all his slaves, but knew it wasn’t Isaac’s voice talking.   His ears twitched as he tried to solve this small feline mystery. 

                Inside the house, Isaac, ignoring the pile of dirty dishes in one side of the sink, put Terrence and Clarence in the other side.  He squirted them with dish detergent, then scrubbed the dirt off of them.

                “That feels sooooo good!” Clarence said. 

                “Yes, it does!  Thank you, Isaac!” Terrence agreed.

                Then Isaac put them on the window sill over the sink to dry. 

                Clarence yawned.  “I’m going to take a nap.”
                "Of course you are," Terrence said.  "It's a day that ends in y."

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Projects

We had a busy end of the year, but school is over!  Well, for the kids; not for me.  I happy to announce that I am a Senior (that explains my senior moments) and my last class ends the end of April 2018.  Looks like Josiah and will be graduating the same year.

We had a lot of travelling after the last post.  There was a Pastor's conference, and we had to go pick up the twins from Wisconsin.  Then there was finishing up school, doing grades, and getting ready for evaluations.  All of which have been accomplished.  Jerusha worked hard and managed to do 6th and 7th grades this past year.  She does have a wee little bit of work to do this summer to make sure the ends meet for 8th grade academically, but that is okay.   Josiah requirements are laughable.  The only credits he absolutely needs to graduate is in English/Literature.  Pennsylvania requires four years of language arts.  That means he has to write 3 papers, one being a long 8 to 10 research paper, reach 15 novels, including some classics, and some grammar.   Easy peasy.  However, Mama says he needs more than that.  So, he will be taking dual enrollment courses again.  Also, I have a couple of good History books he will read, Bible, Quiz team, Piano, and Art.

To sum up, this fall we'll be schooling grades 3, 8, 10, 12, and a senior in college.  I've already gotten all our books but they aren't out yet.

Since evaluations, we've been working on some projects around the house.  We have done a little landscaping out the front of the house, planting two rhododendron plants and a forsythia bush.  I started seedlings back in March for the garden, but because of rain interference, and lack of an available rototiller, that has fallen through.  That is the reality of our schedule this year.

We are also putting up our pool, and working on landscaping for that.  We are getting leveling the area right now, which is quite a feat given the hilly terrain.  I've been busy hanging out laundry, baking bread, doing school, editing my next book, and

 We have been working on some decluttering and organizing.  So far we have done the playroom and living room.  Our newest project is the office, which is undeniably a disaster right now.  For our anniversary I bought Dale a "parson's desk" (seriously, that is what is called.  I didn't know it until I was checking out online.  I can't make this stuff up!).  For his Father's Day gift, we are organizing, decluttering and cleaning the office.  Here are some before pics:  Note:  the empty shelves was how far I got before I remembered to take the "before" pictures.  Doh.

So, that is the gist of our lives so far.  I'm still in school, the twins both got their licences and are looking for jobs, Caleb and Josiah work part time landscaping, and we are going room from room in the house this summer, getting things organized.  I will update the progress on our office as we go.  Can't wait to get it done!


Friday, April 14, 2017

It's Official!

In case just seeing my book, Isotope, available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble wasn't enough, I now have further proof that I am an author (even though I get published multiple times a month at Odyssey).  The other day I was in the library, and the librarian greeted me as I walked in.  She said, "Guess what I'm cataloging into the computer system?"  And she held up not one copy, but two of my books! She also said that after it has time to circulate for a while she'll probably have a reading.

Oh my.

Anywhere, here is the head librarian Terry, putting my book into the system.

I'm still excited, and still doing the goodie goodie dance here.  


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Special Announcement!

As promised, here is the special announcement I alluded to in my last post.


*Clears Throat*

I am VERY excited to announce the release of my book Isotope .  It is available through Amazon, or use the link below.

This book has been in the works for four years.  I've been fiddling around with it off and on, and finally got the process rolling on publishing last fall.  I've kept this a secret from my family, except my husband of course, and planned it as a fun surprise.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Isotope by Lisa Post


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quilts and Cake

Over the last few months there have been occasions to enjoy some crafting.  One of my nephews and his wife had their first baby.  What a cutie she is!  Of course a baby quilt was in order.  I made it bigger than a traditional baby quilt so that she could enjoy it through her toddler years at least.  Plus, I just kind of got carried away making the disappearing pinwheels.  They were lots of fun.  I used this tutorial by Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This next quilt went to a family who had their first baby.   

Back and tag 

Of course I had to include the book with the gift!

This is a flimsy from 2015 Mystery Quilt through Merry Mayhem.  I need to piece the back, sandwich, quilt, and bind it off.  So, still a little ways to go on it.

In the beginning of March, Caleb and Josiah went to a Teen Leadership Retreat.  I made this cake for the event. Dale had the opportunity to speak in one of the "Break Out" sessions. 

I love living in the country!  Being treated to gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are something I hope I never take for granted. Our old, cheap, camera doesn't do it justice. It also doesn't do moon shots.  I've tried and failed on every setting the camera has.   

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Once again I am embarrassed to realize how long it has been since my last post!  I apologize for the LONG delay in getting back on here.  I have no real reason other than life has been very full and busy.  I am still engaged in online classes through SNHU.  I am in my third year, which means the work load has been ramped up.  I am still homeschooling, and we just got through a fine arts competition through our church.  I've also done a special cake for a Teen Retreat, and made two quilts for some new babies of friends and family.

Tonight, just to dip my toes back into blogging, I'm sharing a link for my latest article on Odyssey.  Yes, I'm still writing for school's online publication.  I've been promoted from Content Creator to Contributing Editor.  I've been learning the ropes for my new position, and still writing, meeting the deadlines.

I do have some plans here coming up, so stayed tune. I'll be updating on homeschooling, family outings, and projects.

Without further ado, here is the link to my newest article.  Please enjoy!

I'll Be Watching You


Monday, January 30, 2017

I hope you are enjoying my articles written for the online publication Odyssey.  Here is a link to this week's article:

Bridging the Gap


Thursday, January 19, 2017

For Limited Time... Free Marie Curie Online Unit Study

For a limited time only... free Marie Curie online unit study.  If you have multiple age groups, doing a unit study is a wonderful way of integrating all the different ages and grade levels.  Check out this free offer at:  Techie Homeschool Mom.

This is a limited time offer, so get signed up for it, even if you aren't going to use it right away.


Monday, January 16, 2017


I have been writing articles for an online publication called Odyssey.  It is a huge conglomeration of different colleges, with hundreds of content creators.  I've been posting my articles on Twitter and Facebook, but will put a plug in here on Mondays after publication.

So, without further ado... here is this week's article:

What We Do To Feel Beautiful

If you want to read some of my other work, just search my name, Lisa Post.  It should bring up my articles.  I especially recommend "Dodge This" and "Tangled Tinsel".


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sprocket Quilt Block

I have been fooling around with some EPP for a while.  This block is one I have only worked on about once every blue moon... in other words :  Not very often.  I enjoy it, but life is full with so many other projects that have deadlines that this one gets shoved aside frequently.  I am using the kit I posted about here.   My, that seems like a LONG time ago when I made it up!  So much water under the bridge since then.  Some happy, some heartbreaking.

But I digress.

This is called a Sprocket, and I am following the directions from A Few Scraps: Sprocket Quilt Along.   She did this about four years ago, but the directions are excellent, and she has lots of great tips.  If you are doing EPP for the first time, try her tutorial in the link above.   The directions for the sewing kit I made are on the same page with a hot link.  So much goodness in one spot!

Here is my first completed block:

Close up of the points and "y" seams.  Talk about accuracy!  That is due to the EPP technique, not my skill, believe me!

I continue to work on this every so often, but right now I am finishing a baby/toddler quilt (it grew while I was designing it!  Worse than a lasagna!)  and working on some WIP's that are LONG overdo for finishing up.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Start to Finish

Recently I saw a thread of posts on the Quilting Board titled "From Start to Finish".  It is a thread where we post pictures of the fabric we started a project with, and then the end product.  It is fun to see the materials in their raw form that inspired the vision for the quilt.  In honor of that thread, I will begin that tradition here.  Only today, I'm posting the "Start" and the "Middle" because I am so excited about the project. 

So, here is the fabric I started with.  The layer cake is called "Birds and Berries" put out by Moda.  I got it from the Fat Quarter Shop a couple of years ago, and was waiting for inspiration to hit before I cut into it.  Inspiration did hit, as a grandniece was born last fall, and we got a picture Christmas card with her adorable face on it.   As soon as I saw her pic, I knew exactly what fabric from my stash to use.  I did supplement background fabric (white), backing fabric (yellow floral swirl) and the binding (orange floral) from yardage I bought on sale last week.

I did a disappearing pinwheel block after watching a tute from The Missouri Star Quilt Company.  As you can see, I am adding a pinwheel border around the quilt, then after that I will put on another narrow white border.  Then it will just need to be sandwiched, quilted, bound, labeled and sent to the little darling.

This is a close up of my new pin cushion made for me by one of the twins' friends who is an expert at crochet.  She makes her own patterns and sells them on Etsy.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is happily cozied up in a warm quilt!