Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Break and Quilting Fun

Yes, yes... a post!  I've heard of ghost writers, but being totally invisible on my own blog is taking it a step too far, don't you think?

Just to prove that I have been diligently working away, to sum up the last few months I have been able to continue with my BA in Creative Writing degree.  I am almost finished with the program, and will be graduating next spring.  Then... well, let's just say I'm working out the logistics of going on my Master's degree.

November, as most writers know, is National Novel Writing Month.  Yes I participated, though this year it was much more difficult.  The kids and I were involved with "The Wizard of Oz" play at a local High School.  Josiah and Caleb were Ozian soldiers, and Isaac and Jerusha were munchkins, though Jerusha was kind of tall for that role.  She also played one of the Oz ladies.  I worked backstage which I discovered I loved.

Another challenge during November was dealing with a ROTTEN, nasty, snotty cold.  It knocked me for a loop for at least three weeks.  I still have a lingering tickle-cough thing going on.  For the record, Dale got the same cold, and it last three whole days.  Poor baby, eh?

Meanwhile, I knew Christmas was bearing down so I was busy... making cookies?  Nope.  Traipsing around singing Christmas carols?  Not me.  No, I was spending some quality time with my quilting machine.  

So, for some reason I totally had a brain cramp and forgot to get pictures of the bottom quilt in the last photo.  It was a sunflower theme with lots of custom quilting.  Thankfully, the recipient was a family member, so I will see if they can send a couple of pics back.  

I hope you and yours are having a happy, safe holiday season.  


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Potter County Fair Fun

As promised, here is the final update on how things went at the Fair.  Warning: Pic Heavy Post!

Caleb's Quilt (Lucky was kind enough to let him "borrow" it for the Fair) received a third place for machine pieced and machine quilted!  

My lap quilt got second place for its category. :)

Josiah's angler fish got first for its category! This pic is very striking in real life.  The pic doesn't really do it justice. 

Isaac's Lego sculpture didn't place, but it was still fun to enter it. 

Isaac's colored pencil drawing did place, though!

Jerusha's photography 

Caleb's photography

Caleb's colored pencil received 1st place for its category! (hey, Grandma and Grandpa... recognize that place?)  Sorry about the wicked glare from the flash of my camera.  

Jerusha's colored pencil wolf received an honorable 3rd place. 

Josiah's dinosaurs got a second place in its category.

We went one day to "play" around for the afternoon, and eat a bunch of yummy Fair food. 

Oh, I forgot, my succulent cake got second place in its category. 

By the way, if the pictures above are a little "Isaac" heavy you can blame the other children.  They all fled into different directions and wouldn't let me get a picture of them for anything.  So if you ever hear them whining "Isaac always had his picture taken..."  tell them to get over it, it's their own fault, and don't give me that crap about the youngest always getting everything.  Just sayin'.

The Fair was lots of fun, and I think the kids and I were quite inspired to do more for next year.  The number of entries was definitely down this year.  The more participation in these things, the more fun.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Miscellaneous Summer Fun!

I know... it's been a couple weeks since my last post.  I get everyone all revved up for more frequent entries and then I disappear.  Not fair, right?

We have had a ton of company over the last couple weeks, and have done VBS, and I have been running with my tongue hanging out trying to keep up with my schoolwork inbetween it all.  Also, we have been finishing up projects for the fair.

Monday was spent in a frenzy of last minute stuff getting ready. Since the cake I did won't be coming back to the house I made sure I got a pic.  This is called a succulent cake.  The "flowers" are supposed to be different flowering cacti, which is why it is called a "succulent".   We'll find out tonight how it "faired".  Pun intended. (Insert collective groan here).

This summer has been "cool" compared to some.  I was walking through the living room the other day and these two were wrapped up like it was subzero out. 

Of course, the upside is that some hot tea has been enjoyed.  One afternoon I made a Trim Healthy Mama caramel coffee drink.  Yummy! I enjoyed it while reading some Brit Lit.

Caleb made a quilt to enter into the Fair.  Here he is pinning on a border.  Tubby claimed the quilt and looked annoyed when she had to move.

Quilting on Mama's spendy machine!  He did a great job.

Another sprocket for my "Sprocket Science" quilt.  It is all English Paper Pieced.  I enjoy working on it in the evening or at the lake.  A great take-along project!

This is a quiche made from the THM cookbook.  It was a hit with all the family.  Will definitely make that again soon, especially with the bounty of eggs we are blessed with.

Summer fruit salad... yummy!

Isaac had fun with these generic "Jenga" blocks.  Forget the game... time to design something.  Hmmm... wonder if he'll be an architect or an engineer?

 Ummm... aren't these supposed to be the lazy, hazy days of summer?  That white board is way too full for this time of year. 

Isaac has learned the fine art of multitasking.  He is drawing a picture for the fair, listening to The Piano Guys, and twirling his Fidget Spinner. 

We have some beautiful sunsets around here.   

So, that is it for now.  We have plans to go to the Fair and check out how our projects did and have some fun.  I hope everyone takes time to stop and enjoy something today, whether it is a sunset, the birds, a gentle breeze, yummy food.. or best of all: Family. 


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Podcast Interview!

Okay, I was nervous about it at first, but indie author and podcast interviewer for In The Artist's Realm made me feel at ease and was absolutely lovely.  Here is a link to the recording:

In The Artist's Realm



Monday, July 17, 2017

Rubber Ducks, Sunglasses, and Bears... OH MY!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity to counsel at God's Adventure Camp.  Here is the article that was born from that experience.  Enjoy!

Rubber Ducks, Sunglasses, and Bears... Oh my!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fair Projects

With only a couple of weeks left until our county fair, the kids have kicked their creativity into high gear.  I love it when that momentary panic when the realization a deadline is quickly approaching creates a sudden spurt in craft making.  Not to mention the ultimatum:  "You can either do this and such chore, or work on fair projects" helps.

Jerusha is also doing some art, and baking.  I will be doing a succulent cake (I hope!) in an effort to practice my butter cream decorating skills.  The nice thing about the baking is that they are judged and then auctioned off and the proceeds go right to the Fair to help with expenses.    More updates to follow!

Also, keep tuned as Isaac and I are working on the next chapter of "How to Train Your Pet Rocks".


Monday, July 10, 2017

Living the Life

I love being a wife and stay at home mom.  But sometimes the ignorance of others can tempt me to think that what I do is not enough.  My article below gives an example of some of the eye-rolling moments that I have encountered.

Living the Life

Laugh. Groan.  Roll eyes.  Enjoy.


Cake, Campfire fun, and Kickin' Back

Don't you just love it when you week totally runs off with your schedule, calling over its shoulder, "Ha, ha! Catch me if you can!".

That's what I felt like last week.  It was Girls' Adventure week at camp, and yes, I made a cake.  My commitment for the week grew from bringing a cake and helping to lifeguard while at the lake on Thursday to being at the camp everyday for one thing or another.  Monday and Tuesday nights the twins sang and I played piano, then Wednesday I substituted while one of the counselors had to run for a doctor's appointment in the morning.  Thursday was lunch at beautiful Rim Rock, then swimming in Kinzua Lake.  Friday I was also called upon to help out while another counselor, who is also a pastor's wife, had to go help with a funeral they were having at their church.  I ended up staying all day and for the bonfire at night.  Saturday the girls and I helped clean the cabins, church, and kitchen. Whew.  Oh, I also had schoolwork all week and a paper due on Sunday.  I decided the Lord was teaching me to trust HIM with my schedule, and not rely on my own understanding of time management.  In the end, I got everything done, with a day to spare.

(Notice how shiny the fondant is.  That means that it was wicked humid.  The edible marker I used was quite unhappy performing on such a slippery and damp platform. ) 

Overlook at Rim Rock, PA

(I put little dots around the cake for fun.  I think it looks cute.)


In that spare day, Sunday, I took everyone who wanted to go to Lyman Lake between church services.  It was a lazy afternoon.  Absolutely wonderful.  

EPP project while chillaxin' a the lake.  Hey, sometimes you have to quilt when and where you can!

Chicken fight!

Practicing Japanese

Yummy!  Fresh, piping-hot fries.

Hi Mom!

We had a youth activity the first Saturday in July up at the pavilion.  The campfire was cozy, and we roasted marshmallows and the kids ate a lot of junk food.  Dale did devotions.  During the devotions the sky opened up and rain down, pelting the tin roof on the pavilion so vigorously that we could barely hear what Dale was saying.  The sky right before the rain hit was gorgeous.  My dinky little camera doesn't handle such shots well, but I did make an effort. 

Random pic of my hastas, finally blooming.

 There is much more to show and tell, but that will have to be another post.  I will say that I have a new quilting project I'm starting, so I'll be posting pics of that.

Have blessed day,