Thursday, April 15, 2010


Despite my reluctance to embrace warmer weather because of the threat of summer, I have been enjoying some of the "springiness" around. Our lilac bushes are budding and starting to sprout their flower clusters. They aren't fragrant yet, but will be soon. I'm keeping a sharp eye on our fruit trees. This is the third year we have had them, and I'm told we may start getting some fruit off of them! Our blueberry bushes haven't grown at all since we put them in, so I am giving up on them altogether for now. I have some plans about the garden area but until we can execute them I'm keeping it to myself.

Speaking of the garden, one of the spring things that happen around here is a visit from the honey wagon. Those of you who are farmers or grew up on a farm probably know what I am referring to. let's just say it requires shoveling, and honey, it ain't white stuff.

The seedlings we planted are growing well enough. I'm glad we have them inside right now because yesterday morning we had a very heavy frost. Some places around here got a little snow, which may have done bad things for the cherry crop this year. We don't have any cherry trees, just apple and peaches and they haven't budded yet but will soon. Our little seedling plants were tucked nicely in the basement so they are doing just fine.

Another sure sign of spring around here is the arrival of a few boxes from Rod and Staff. We like to order for next term for school early because of the sale they always have this time of year. We save a bundle, for sure! Mattan is guarding the boxes for me so the little monkeys don't get into them without permission. When the boxes show up I cheer and there is a nice loud groan from the kids. I can understand why.. sort of. They are in the throes of finishing out the school year, ready for a much deserved break, and already there are the new books staring them in the face. I love new books, and look forward to using them, but for some strange reason the kids don't see eye to eye with me on that one.

Progress is being made on the quilts. I started quilting the one the twins made. If we had more time I would have them try, but we are in a bit of a hurry so I am doing the quilting for now. You know I just hate that. Here is a sneak peak at the basted quilt:

I had planned on working almost all day yesterday on it, but Dale had the day off from work because of having to do a burial service nearby. He was just going to take a half day, but it is slow at work this week so the boss gave him the whole day. It was a gorgeous, leisurely day for a change, and I made no effort to do much but enjoy the time with Dale home and nothing really pressing to do (except the burial service of course). What a rarity for us!

A lady from the food pantry stopped by yesterday afternoon and dropped off a bunch of goodies, but by far my favorite item was this:

I know, guys would say "you can't eat them." But they are so pretty! Tulips are my favorite flower and I'm not sure how they ended up at the food pantry, or how I was so blessed to get them, but I did, and LOVE them!

Recently Isaac has been going through a phase where he is enthralled with the hairbrush and water bottle. Probably because he sees me with it everyday doing the girls' hair, and he wants to imitate us. All I can think of is that VeggieTales song "Where is my hairbrush..." especially the part: "Why do you need a hairbrush you don't have any hair?"

Okay, enough rambling. If you made it through all this, kudos! Have a blessed day!

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Memere said...

Keep rambling, it fills in so much information for us "distant" relatives. As a Memere, I greatly appreciate all the little bits of information on the growth of my family. I had to look at the "honey" wagon picture three times to decide that was Ben and not Dale. Oyvey!!! Stop feeding them!!
I love you to the moon and back,