Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Surprise in the Works

While everyone except for Isaac and I are outside, I thought I would update on the "surprise" I am working on for Benjamin's birthday.

Currently I am working on a mountain of sewing, but having just completed two baby quilts I am riding the adrenaline rush from finished projects and decided I would make Benjamin a quilt for his birthday next month. Not just a quilt. Oh no. Apparently I don't have enough to work on right now, because I decided that he needed a matching pillow case, and curtain as well.

I purchases this NASA panel from Keepsake Quilting. It actually came in a little kit for a crib sized quilt, but of course, I have other plans.

I cut all those squares apart. I think it is some kind of weird compulsion. You know... it goes something like... "Oooh, what pretty fabric... where is my rotary cutter????"

I will be framing each of the blocks in a contrasting solid. I also found a cute backing and/or curtain and/or pillow case fabric. Of course I got plenty of the fabrics to mix and match at will.

After I complete the quilt, I'll play with the remnants to finish the bedroom ensemble for Benjamin. It promises to be well... out of this world. (I know, major groan.)

At those times when I can't work on that secret project, I am working on some denim culottes for the girls. I cut those out before lunch today. It took a little longer because I had to alter them a bit, and they have pleats and I had to carefully mark those, but having done this pattern before, I am hoping it will go quickly.

Have a blessed evening!


The Savage said...

How cool!! Even Uncle Paul said so!!
Must be a day for quilting project insanity. After *very* carefully figuring out the yardage I'd need for the blocks, I discovered that 6x8 isn't going to make the finished quilt as large as I would like. BUT because I want it to end as a rectangle rather than a square, AND because the pattern dictates pairing the squares, I'm going to have to go from a 6x8 to an 8x10... or... from 48 squares to 80. (She gulps!) The lady at Hancock Fabrics looked at me like I was completely insane when I told her this will be my first full quilt. Maybe she's right, LOL.

Lisa said...

I really like the pattern you emailed me, and though it is more of an "intermediate" type pattern, you are smart, and I think you can do it. Just view as a long term project, not an "instant gratification" type project. It will be gorgeous when you are finished! I have a huge line up of projects right now, but I might have to shove that pattern in when I am done with our "fancy quilt". Beautiful! You can did it sis! (picture pom pom waving here).