Friday, December 12, 2008

Pregnancy Update and 38 week belly pic

We had a good appointment with my MW yesterday, as usual. My weight was the same as it was a month ago, which is good. My bp was 112/62, urine stuff all normal, and baby movement good, heart rate good, etc. I asked her to do a check and I am about 2cm dialated, but no effacement, though the cervix is soft, but not thinned yet. Baby's head is down, so that's a go.

I have been told in the past I am a "full moon" birther, and tonight is a full moon.. but I have strict instructions from the MW to wait another week as she has 3 ladies who are due ahead of me all claiming to be full moon birthers as well. She said it wouldn't be fair for me to cut in line. :)

I did wake up in the night with some really good braxton hicks.. the real crampy kind that get your attention, but didn't amount to anything. I have been getting several per day, but it is usually more the "tightening" sensation of the muscles, not necessarily cramping.

So.. we are waiting until the end of next week before we think about any aggressive induction methods. I REALLY would like this baby to make an appearance before Christmas.

Oh, I almost forgot.. here's the 38 belly pic. Lord willing it will be the last one before baby is born. :)

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