Friday, December 5, 2008

Keep Up If You Can!

The days are moving at a too fast of pace for me! I am 37 weeks today. I expect to have at least 1 more week, maybe up to 3 weeks, before baby arrives. There is much to do to fill the days, and that makes them go by even more quickly.

Yesterday morning, besides school work and regular chores, Esther made bread and Benjamin made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. About the time the cookies were baking, was the time when breakfast wears off and you start getting hungry for lunch. It was torturous! :) Everyone else was busy with music practice or schoolwork, and I was doing some research on the computer about lap booking. I can understand how children would enjoy and retain well the materials they learn with this method. I am thinking of implementing this style for the unit studies we do, spelling lists, memory verses, etc. I will be looking more into it, to be sure.

Later in the morning the man from Time Warner came to hook us up to cable. He said it was easy because we already had the phone lines and cable entrance available. That was from the previous pastor. WE just hooked up the computer and phone. We didn't want the T.V. option at all. We don't want to get sucked into that habit. I know what happens. You watch just a little bit to "relax", or let the kids watch X amount, but is almost always grows to more and more time. Wasted time. I'm not against watching a movie as a treat, but we have tapes and DVD's for those times when we allow the kick back, make some popcorn, and watch a movie type of night. We are content with this lifestyle for our family, and it isn't something we are looking to change.

After lunch, and littles were down, I cut out Jerusha's jumper for a Christmas present, and cut flannel to make several double sided receiving blankets. Around 2 I laid down on the couch while the olders were doing their schoolwork. At 3 my piano students showed up... well, most of them. The oldest son was still at Basketball practice. So, I got started with the youngest and the daughter. She is also learning how to sew, so I was trying to juggle that in at the same time. She is working on a jumper (with my instruction). In the midst of all this the mom, who is tutoring Esther in Math, had to go pick up her oldest from Basketball, and I watched all the kids while doing sewing lessons. When she got back I did piano lessons with the oldest son, and she continued her tutoring with Esther. I think I will have to really help out with the sewing if that jumper is going to be completed before the baby is born. It is coming along slowly, but surely.

Just before Dale got home, the funeral director who did Aaron's funeral stopped by. He extended his congratulations when he noticed I was very pregnant. He said he wanted to stop by to drop off a card and small gift for the family, knowing that the holidays can be difficult after a loss. It was very kind, and I thanked him sincerely (Mom, you remember Sean, don't you?). Just as he was leaving Dale got home, so they chatted and I got back to my sewing and piano students. Meanwhile, from what I overheard while in the kitchen, the math tutoring was like pulling teeth. I don't know if Esther was just too distracted with 9 other kids running around, and me answering the door, the general chaos or what, but extracting multiplication facts from her was like getting a tax break from democrat.

I also got a call from Falcon Eyewear.. our glasses are all in! So, as soon as Dale gets home today we'll all drive up to get them fitted and be on our way. I also need to stop at Jo Ann Fabrics (pity, eh?) and pick up some batting. Yesterday amidst all the chaos and busyness I finished my jumper and in the evening finished the top to the flying geese crib quilt I have been working on. I measure it against the batting I had, and the batting in no way, shape, or form, will be enough. I was hoping to get it sandwiched and basted today so I could start quilting tonight, but that isn't going to happen. I also need to get some Aida cloth for Esther and Elizabeth who are both wanting to start a simple cross stitch project. I found a couple easy easy easy ones online for beginners.. free of course!

I had my friend and her kids stay for supper. We did spaghetti and meatballs, fresh bread with butter, and corn, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I had a spinach, ham, and cheese salad. Okay, yeah, I had a sugar free ice cream bar for dessert. :)

After they left we did the kitchen clean up, baths, get everyone ready for bed routine. We were just finishing up family devotions when the phone rang. It was a friend of mine I hadn't talked to in ages. She has a couple of my flannel nursing nightgowns and was confirming that she would be putting them in the mail since we won't be able to get together in the near future. After the kids were in bed I was tempted to work on my secret sewing projects, but Dale said "Honey, it's ten o'clock, go get a shower and put your feet up in bed!" Pfffft! So I did.

Today's schedule is pretty busy and I just remembered we need to make the guest beds and do a little cleaning downstairs. A friend of mine from up north is coming down with three of her children tomorrow and staying overnight. She is coming armed with her sewing machine, and helping me get some sewing done. What a blessing! Dale will be taking everyone else over to the church to finish decorating, which I hope will take several hours. LOL. With all that help from the kids, surely he can get it done in twice the amount of time! ;)

Around lunchtime I will be making sloppy joe mix to put in the crock pot for supper. That way we can eat when we get back. This morning, as soon as chores are done I will be having the children start making Christmas cards. I have been saving cards that were sent to us, they can cut what pictures they like and decorate and glue onto card stock that I have. Should be fun and interesting to see what they do. So, if any of you get some ... um, ... "interesting" looking cards, just keep in mind who made them. I am also planning on making a meatloaf to put in the freezer. I was going to make a couple loaves of lemon poppy seed bread for the freezer too, but I don't think I will be getting to it today.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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