Monday, December 1, 2008

Gearing Up for Applesauce, Sewing, Christmas, Baby....

Take your pick! LOL...

The priority for today and tomorrow is applesauce. I am hoping to get done in two days. We usually take a week to do what we need, but we had enough left over from last year that thankfully, I won't need to do a whole lot this year. As I type, Benjamin is washing out my big pots so we can get started after breakfast. He also hauled up the apples to be washed.

As for sewing, it will have to be done here and then when I have a minute. We are still doing regular schoolwork, and chores during the applesauce spree. The "Christmas" part refers to wrapping and decorating which I hope we will be able to get to at some time this week. I still have a few things to gather for baby's birth, and I need to get out baby stuff to have ready. I freely admit, I have been putting the latter off. Also, I have a couple more meals and some baking I would like to get in the freezer before baby arrives.

FOR TODAY (December 1st!)...

Outside my window... The sun is out after several days of gray, gloomy weather. Praise God for sunshine, and for SONshine!

I am thinking... about everything I want to get done, versus everything I NEED to get done and trying to stay focused. I am getting so restless with this pregnancy, and looking forward to meeting the newest bee to the hive soon!

I am thankful for... The time I have in the morning to read and pray before starting out on the many tasks I have planned.

From the learning rooms... We are continuing our Bird unit study, and reading about Clark and Lewis. Also, we will start making our own Christmas cards.

From the kitchen... Applesauce!

I am wearing... broomstick style 3 tiered skirt and t-shirt, soon to be covered with an apron.

I am creating... Christmas presents and receiving blankets.

I am going... to get my new glasses later this week, Lord willing.

I am reading... Dueteronomy, and just finished the Friday Night Knitter's Club.

I am hoping... to keep my emotions even as possible, and not get too restless or freak out before the birth.

I am hearing... My children help out getting ready for breakfast, and someone singing "Angels we have heard on high"....

Around the house... I am loving our new cozy spot in our rec area!

One of my favorite things... Being able to snuggle up under warm blankets with dh at the end of the day, knowing a full day's work has been done and a sweet rest coming.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Doing the applesauce, getting some sewing done, and Lord willing some of the Christmas wrapping done.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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