Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey, Great Idea... NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever do something thinking "oh yeah, how clever of me" only to smack yourself in the forehead later in one, big, "DOH!!!!"? Well, that is how I feel tonight.

First let me say that we had a very pleasant evening last night with the kids. Schoolwork is done for a few weeks, we are officially on break until about the middle of January, or until they get so nudgey and I have to assign some schoolwork just to regain some sanity . Did I say regain? How can you regain something you never had?

But I digress....

Anyway, we got all the evening chores done and we had a movie night with popcorn and everything. We watched "It's a Wonderful Life". That is probably my favorite movie this time of year. I usually watch it while wrapping presents after the children are in bed, but didn't do that this year. And I am DONE wrapping, believe me.

This morning everyone slept in, which was unusual, as we have some very early risers. Dale and I didn't roll out of bed until 9 a.m., feeling like well-rested slackers.

After lunch we went out and about. Dale and Esther got their new glasses.. finally! Then we made a ton of stops here and there. We stopped the bulk food store to get wheat gluten yeast. Then Dale dropped me off at JoAnn's with Esther, and he took the rest of the kids to the Dollar store and got white elephant gifts for the fellowship dinner/gift exchange at church tomorrow. Then we went to Aldi's to do some grocery shopping. We were just getting everyone and everything into the van when Dale realized his keys were missing. I had mine in my purse, which for a change I had with me, so that wasn't a problem. We hunted around in the slush of the parking lot and didn't find his keys. Dale finished loading everyone and everything into the van then went back into Aldi to see if they were in there. Nope. He left his name and number lest anyone find them and turn them in.

Dale keeps his keys on a key chain clasp off his belt loop. It is shaped in a "D" and you clasp and unclasp it by squeezing it open. What happened was it got turned upside down on his belt loop and squeezed itself open and the key chain fell off.

Anyway, to make a long story longer, we went BACK up to the dollar store and hunted around the parking lot, and he went in to the store, left name and number, in case anyone finds the keys and turns them in.

Then we went to JoAnn's and hunted around the parking lot, and he went into the store to leave his name and number in case anyone found the keys and turned them in.

Thankfully, someone already had found them, so he got his keys back! Whew! Onward and forward to more errands which included a stop at Walmart, Wegmans, and finally Barnes and Noble. We got home and I made fried egg sandwiches for supper, then realized I still had a TON to do before tomorrow. I made chili con quesa and frosted and decorated the cupcakes for tomorrow, and wrapped those white elephant gifts. I am SO done with this wrapping!

Running the kids through the baths took longer because, lo and behold, no hot water. Okay, swell. We have a new furnace system that got put in in October, and we have had more trouble with the hot water since then than before. ARgh! Dale fiddled with this valve and that valve, and we finally have hot water, and clean children again.

The whole point of all this was I was hoping all the running around and walking stores would put me in labor. But now I hope it doesn't. I am too tired!


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