Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sewing Progress!

I have completed the girls' jumpers and boys pj bottoms, thanks to my friend Chris who came and spent the day sewing with me last Saturday! It didn't take long to finish them all up. The tricky part was getting it done when the children couldn't see what I was doing.

I also finished up doing the cards, and they will be going out in the mail tomorrow.

I wrapped the presents for our church families (thank the Lord for the Dollar Store and their packs of holiday gift bags!) and started some other wrapping that didn't matter if the children saw what I was doing.

Tonight after we get them all in bed I will set up camp in the living room, throw in a movie, and start wrapping their stuff. I doubt I will get it all done, but at least I can get a start on it.

Here are some pics of the finished sewn garments: (Sorry about the horrible lighting on those! Ugh!)

I just need to trim the fleece blankets I got for some of kids that didn't have them, then those will be ready.

Left on the sewing pile is: a baby quilt, and hopefully cutting out a couple nursing outfits. But honestly, the only thing I really *want* to get to is quilting the crib quilt. It is all sandwiched and basted and ready to go! The nursing outfits can wait. :)

I had an appointment today with the MW, but I will post about that tomorrow.

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