Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Waiting, and a Family Pic

Still waiting on baby here, and trying to be patient. Actually, I spoke with the MW this afternoon and she was on her way to another lady's house whose water just broke. The good news is this the last lady that was due before me, and apparently I am next in line. My official earliest due date is the 27th, so I shouldn't be too restless yet, right?

Yeah, right.

Surely it can't be too much longer, can it? Let's see, the roads are going to be slippery and icky this week, so yeah, sounds like a good time to have a baby!

Meanwhile, all my projects are caught up, school is out, and I am trying to keep from going stir crazy. I wonder if the children would revolt if we did more schoolwork this week? hehehehe... Tomorrow I will do some more special baking and some sewing from my UFO's box.

Below is a pic we took at church this morning. What a motley looking crew, eh?

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