Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pregnancy Induced ADHD and Insomnia

I've never seen this professionally diagnosed, but I really believe that I am experiencing both those conditions now.

Yesterday I decided I needed to tune the violin. Then I noticed the dust on it. Oops, that means I haven't been practicing, but oh well. So I got out the dust rag and spray stuff, then noticed the entire top of the piano needed attention. I took off everything from the top to dust. I had the violin, flute, and four recorders, digital tuner, rosen, bow, and sundry knicknacks strewn about so I could do a good job dusting. As I was doing that I happened to notice the violin cases were also very dusty and had to shove the box of blocks out of the way to get to it, but also had to shove the footstool out of the way to move the box of blocks so I could get to the violin case. Then I noticed the back and top of the T.v.... yup, dusty. Before long I had the living room somewhat in shambles. Why is it to do a good job cleaning it requires making a bigger mess?

Amidst all of this, my friend Amy (the one I trade off piano lessons for tutoring with) stopped by. We didn't have anything planned, but she was dropping off some stuff she had for us that she forgot when we met Saturday. So, we sat in the dismantled living room, sipping tea, and chatting for a while. It was nice to have a long chat without the tutoring and piano lessons to mess with.

After she left I put the living room back together and we had lunch, naps, I set up the crock pot for supper, and did the school corrections. While everyone except Jerusha, was outside for I noticed dust on the vent over the stove. I cleared all the counters and took the stove apart, down to the knobs, the burners out, drip pans outs, and the top lifted up like the hood of a car, and scrubbed it down very well. Then I scrubbled the counters and toaster, and coffee maker.. you get the idea.

Then Dale got home from grocery shopping and we put the stuff away, had supper, did chores, family devotions, and then kids were in bed. I trimmed the baby quilt so I can bind it today. Then I had a snack, got a shower, read for a while, then went to sleep.

The violin never got tuned.

This morning I had a bout of wakefulness from 4a.m. to 5:30 or so. Ugh. I had the same thing Sunday morning too. Just.. awake. No contractions, not particularly worried.. just wide awake.

So, I am off to tune the violin... Oh look, something shiney!!!!!!

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