Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Playing Catch up Today

The canning is done for now, so we are finishing cleaning up and getting things put back in order in the kitchen.

I am playing catch up on some paper work for homeschooling. Quartly reports, printing up more lesson planning sheets, printing up some stuff for our next state unit study, recording grades that I got behind on in the last week, etc. etc. As I sit here I have both of our printers at work. Oh, and I have to put in a plug here for Donna Young's site for printables for home and homeschooling and a bunch of other goodies! All free, btw. ;) I put a button on my sidebar today, too, for her site.

Other than that, it will be a slower day. Most of us are in sundry stages of colds. I think it is the icky one going around that lasts 3 weeks. They all seemed somewhat better while we were doing the canning but today we seem to be moving slowly. That is fine.. we'll just rachet down the pace a bit. So, thus the "paperwork" day for me. The children will do their schoolwork, and maybe a few basic chores, and we'll call it good enough. After I get done with the paperwork stuff, I plan on working on my ever present sewing pile. My jumper is almost done! Then I will move on to... what? Hmmm... so many choices. Maybe some receiving blankets while the children are around, and then work on the Christmas presents while they are cozied up downstairs or something. It is going to takes some creative planning to get everything done without their knowing about it. I also have yet another baby quilt I started over the summer, that needs to have the borders put on, basted, sandwiched, and quilted. Not sure where that one is going yet. So far I am inclined to keep it, because I really like the pattern and colors. We'll see. I pray over each one as to where it should go. So far the Lord hasn't lead me in any direction on this one.

Well, back to the paperwork... the quarterly reports need to be ready to send out when Dale goes to the P.O. later. They are a little late, but thankfully the district here hasn't hassled me over it.. ever!

You all have a blessed day!

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