Sunday, December 14, 2008

God's Provision

I'm sure all families find bargains and have their ways of pinching pennies. We have many different strategies that help us with our budget. One is thrift store shopping. This time of year, yard saling is out, so I loke to stop in the thrift stores when we are in the area.

Saturday we made a very good haul, I have to say. We stopped to drop of a couple of big bags of give away stuff I had sorted a while back. We needed some winter coats for the kids. I told them not to grow any more, but they were disobedient, and now we had to get some of them bigger coats. We found that all their winter coats were 1/2 off, as well as snow pants. Also, they were having a bag sale, and when we got in there was a little area off to the side that had FREE coats, leftover from a mission giveaway they had.

We got:
~ 4 winter coats
~ two sets of snow pants
~ a paper grocery bag FILLED with mostly boys pants, a sweater for Jerusha, and a dress for my neice, with the store tags still on it.
~ a book
~ a church SUIT (jacket and pants) for my oldest Ds (the pants need a little alteration to make the waist smaller, but the jacket fit perfectly, and the pants were the right length).

All that for a little under $49!

Sometimes God provides through other gifts, like food. For Sunday dinner today we had : Venison roast, potatoes, green beans, milk, and cookies for dessert. The total of the meal was just a little over $3.oo, and most of that was due to the 1/2 gallon's worth of milk the kids drank, and the green beans.

That meal was for 8 of us, most of us hearty eaters. I have plenty of meat left over for at least one more meal, plus maybe a big pot of stew.

How do we do it? We don't, but the Lord does. We are so thankful for His provision!

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