Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Redeeming the Time....

Still waiting here... trying to fill the days with constructive activity as much as possible and not get too stir crazy! I am almost sorry that we ended school on Friday. Maybe it would have been better to just keep working until tomorrow? Too late to change now.

Did some more baking yesterday, a chocolate peppermint cookie from the Pioneer Woman's blog. Hers came out much nicer than mine did, so I'm not going to post any pics. I was told, however, that they tasted good.

Today we did some cleaning downstairs, some vacuuming upstaird, made and decorated some cut out cookies, did laundry, and some general puttering around. OH yeah, we stacked some wood. You'd think that would have started labor, but it didn't.

Dale is off work for about a week and half for their usual holiday shut down. It will be nice to have him home.

I am glad everything is in readiness, but I feel like I am basically sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for this little to arrive. I keep telling the baby "he" and I will both be more comfortable when he is on the outside. (He is a generic term... I am no politically correct!)

In the meantime, trying to be patient.

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