Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yarn Along

It's that time of the week again! It is fun participating in Ginny's Yarn Along. I never have enough time to check out all the other projects, but I do try and view some every week. It is so inspiring to see what others are working on! Also, at least for me, it is good to see other moms who may or may not have had a lot of crafting time over the last week or month. If my simple little project seems like it is taking forever, I know there are others out there in the same boat. Enjoying the process of creating, even if it isn't getting worked up very quickly.

I have been making progress on my Azzu's Shawl. As I look it over, I am going to add in at least one repeat of the stitch pattern, maybe more. It may end up being more of a shawlette, but yarn is so soft, it will feel nice around my neck on a cold winter's day (not that we expect to see any more of those until next winter!).

The Jewelry Sachet is coming along nicely! I've gotten up to where I need to start the charted design. I'm way ahead on this project, and hope to remain so!

I've just started another project. A couple of friends and I are knitting it together, online, nonetheless. I know, I don't really need another project, but this one just felt right to start, if that makes any sense! I am working on a Cambria Wrap, a free pattern I got off of Ravelry. I'm using Naturally Caron Spa , Bamboo blend, in Taupe. This yarn is so soft! I've used the Caron Simply Soft, and have never been disappointed. The Spa yarn I'm using is a blend of rayon, acrylic, and bamboo, but it really is silky soft! It will be a joy to wear this wrap when it is done!

(Obviously, I'm not that far into it yet.. only the 2nd row, as a matter of fact.)

I've decided my reading habits are like my knitting habits. Depending on my mood, or situation, I read one thing, or the other. Right now I'm into these books (below), and almost done with the book, "Patchwork, A Story of the Plain People".

It is gorgeous here again, so we will be outside as soon as we can after school work is done. Sundry members of the family are experiencing coughing and runny noses, but the fresh air won't hurt that one bit!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Tracey said...

Lisa, your knitting is just lovely. Thank you for the tip about Caron yarn, I will look for it the next time I am in town.
The John Adams book you have in your stack is one of my favorites, but then I love everything that David McCullough writes.
Have a lovely yarn along day!

lesann4@AOL.COM said...

You'll love the John Adams book. I read it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it - good choice!

Lisa said...

Thank you Tracey!

Lesann ~ I'm actually about halfway through both of them at the moment. I've read George Washington by McCullough and loved it! He is by far the best historical writer I have ever read.