Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Sunshine!

It has been a gorgeous day here today, though the wind is picking up noticeably. This morning we had a wonderful waffle brunch. Then, after some laundry and dishes were done, the olders and I went on a short hike, then played tag in the yard with Dale and the littles.

After a while, as things wound down, we came in. Dale to work on some studying, and me writing, and the kids played. Esther took opportunity to make some no bake cookies.

Then, believe it or not, the twins and I headed back up to the creek. I had made a deal with them that they could go in BRIEFLY as long as they agreed to get hot showers and drink tea after. Also, I reserved the right to take pictures and post on my blog. They agreed, and so we went.

Let me just say, that here it is March 3rd, 40 some odd degrees out, wind whipping, and they are getting in the water.

They are CRAZY. I was cold just watching them. I noticed they didn't stay in very long though!

Doesn't the creek look so pretty and serene? Well, it may be, but it was also COLD!

It wasn't long until Esther had had enough and got out, but Elizabeth, our resident fish, stayed in.

After that shot she got out and ran home to warm up. I don't blame her, but I still think she was insane to even do it! Did I mention I think they are both crazy?

Dale was up early and out the door to run some errands. He surprised me with these fresh cut flowers. What a sweet man!

Since I finished Caleb's quilt I have been piecing the top from Just Desserts, and I dug out this Sunflower quilt I made last summer (I think) and ironed it after I finished the ironing for tomorrow. I can't wait to baste it and get quilting on it. I'm already picturing what motifs and patterns I want to use.

Have a great day everyone!


Duane and Shellee said...

What a wonderfully fun, busy, relaxing day! I live Caleb's quilt! How fun!! Maybe you could teach a Skype quilt class......

Love you!

Mamachildress said...

What beautiful flowers! How sweet to be brought flowers for no occasion! :-)