Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Dessert Quilt Top ~ Finished!

It is just a flimsy, but there it is!

I still need to piece the back and quilt it. I've been thinking about the quilting on this one, and am going back and forth from some easy stippling to something a little more decorative. I have my quilting hands full with the Sunflower quilt so I am leaning towards something quick and easy as a break from the more concentration intensive quilting.

Spring seems to have sprung here with a vengeance. We are having warm weather, and though most people relish it, to be honest, I'm not embracing it whole-heartedly just yet. It's too early! And I'm still pouting like a disappointed 3 year old because of being jipped out of winter. You know what? I bought some new sleds last fall, and they were never even used, because we never even had enough snow! We got a smattering here and there, but nothing really usable, if that makes sense. Oh well, what can you do? It's not like I can change it, though I would if I could. :P

On the bright side, it is nice to be hanging laundry outside, and being able to spend a lot of time outdoors without having to tromp around in heavy boots. I've been doing some biking too, and that is fun.

See, I'm trying! :D

I just hope this early, very warm spring doesn't mean a wicked hot summer. However, I'm trying not to think about that just yet! I have enough on my plate now to worry about without adding to it.

This weekend we are having our garden plowed. It is time to be putting in peas, potatoes, and whatever else I can get in early. That is a definite bonus to this weather!

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