Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Ramblings

Mondays around here follow a pretty consistent routine. I know I have mentioned this many times, but it bears repeating. There are good things and bad things.

On the plus side, we get organized.
On the minus side, we have to get organized.

On the plus side, we catch up on laundry.
On the minus side, we have to catch up on laundry.

On the plus side, we get back into our school routine.
On the minus side, we have to get back into our school routine.

I think you get the idea.

Over the weekend, despite having "cleaning day" and getting ready for church, the schedule is still more relaxed. Saturdays are our only days to sleep in, so we enjoy a leisurely morning, and more often than not have "brunch" instead of breakfast.

Monday mornings basically what I look forward to is getting caffeinated. But then, I look forward to that everyday, so maybe that shouldn't really count.

I stayed home from church yesterday because Isaac was up all night Saturday throwing up. He didn't fall into a good deep seep until around quarter to 7 a.m. He was on the couch, and I camped out on the floor next to him. Not very comfortable. My bed is much softer, and easier on the hips, but I was so tired I didn't even care.

He managed to sleep through all the hustle and bustle of everyone getting ready for church, and getting out the door. He slept through me hauling the laptop out and setting up Head Quarters at my little makeshift camp. He slept through me banging around in the kitchen and making myself breakfast. I even got some knitting done, and blogging (about the quilting fever if you remember). He finally woke up around 11 a.m., and was all smiley and looking very energetic and normal.

So, I got him some Cheerios, and some juice, and we watched some Netflix together while he ate and I knitted.

I finished up a slipper sock. This project is actually a tag team event. Esther is making one, and I agreed to make the other one. It was very simple, working flat, all in ribbing, and only a couple of rows of decreasing at the end. Esther has never done ribbing before, so she is much slower than I, but that is okay. There is no rush. I offered to do the other one for her, but she assures me she can do it. She is less than two inches in. She has to get to 17. Hehehehehheehe!

I also got a couple repeats of the lace pattern done on my Cambria Wrap.

Today I made some progress on the Jewelry Sachet, starting into the charted panel. I love how it is coming out!

I've also gotten some quilting done on the Sunflower quilt. One block took me about an hour. I'm sure I'll get a little faster, but I'm not used to FMQ with a template. It takes time to go all through the free motion design. I made a mistake in one little part, and had to take out the stitching. That was MISERABLE. Then I had some trouble with the machine. I tested it out on a sample sandwich about 8 inches square, and had no problem. I even did some feather stitching, which I've been wanting to practice. No issues on tension whatsoever. Wouldn't you know it as soon as I started on the real quilt I had trouble? ARGH. I managed to get it straightened out, and the rest of any trouble was, ahem, shall we say, "pilot error"?

One thing I like about Mondays right now is that because of the class Dale and Benjamin take Monday Evenings, we have to eat a little early. That means we have some extra time to hang out before bed. I love to cozy up with the kids, all of us in our pj's, and watch a movie or reading.

The rest of this afternoon I will be pursuing more quilting, since it seems all the kids that are done with their school work are playing nicely, so maybe I can get another block done. The solid blocks will take the longest, because of the quilting design I'm using. The Churn Dash blocks won't be so bad, as I have easier quilting planned for those.

I hope you all made it through that mindless rambling without dying of boredom! Have a pleasant afternoon everyone!

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