Thursday, March 1, 2012

February? Really?

This is more about last night than today, since yes, I realize that it is actually March.

What do you think of, when I say "Winter in the North East?"

Freezing temperatures?

Forget about it. We have had a handful of really cold days, and only a few inches of snow, total, this winter.

Yesterday's forecast made me more hopeful for a real winter appearance. We had "wintry weather warnings" of slippery, cold, snow accumulation... ah, music to my ears!

Yes,we had gray weather,and some snow, though it was barely a dusting. We got some rain too. But it was certainly nothing of a winter weather advisory, which by the time I made it to the gym after Dale got home from work, and could at that point be considered False Advertisement. I considered writing a nasty letter, but meteorologists seem to have a carte blanc when it comes to false advertising, and decided not to waste my time.

My sights turned towards the night time hours. Maybe as it got cooler over night the rain would turn to snow and we'd have a beautiful 3 or 4 inches to enjoy on the morrow.


Imagine my surprise when as I was listening to the wind pick up and the rain increase, wondering when it would turn to that wonderful white fluffy stuff, my attention was suddenly arrested by a very distinct flash. It didn't register on my tired brain what it was at first, but then I heard a loud, sharp, clap of thunder.

"What in the world!" I think I said it out loud, but only the cat was nearby to verify that.

The thunder and lightening went on off and on throughout the night until around... oh who knows. Honestly I wasn't keeping track.

All I could think of was: "A thunderstorm? In FEBRUARY???"

At least even though it was chilly, but sunny, we could be outside for a bit. But these rainy, clouzy type days leave us to our own devices. Oh, did I mention the Wii is broken? The disc part won't play discs, and yes, we've cleaned it, and cleaned it, and fiddled with it, etc. Dale got online to google it and see if there were any helpful hints, did some more fiddling. Still no Wii. That was also our DVD player.

So, we have been left to our own devices. In all honestly, it isn't really a problem. I have been saying for a while that we were spending too much time on electronics. HA! However, now that we can't be outside, I'm wishing we had it working. We can watch video tapes, and Netflix, but what everyone is missing right now is playing the games. Dale said the other day he had another idea of what to do, but hasn't had time to mess around with it.

I've been quilting. Yesterday, somehow, I was able to get a lot more done than I imagined. The new BOM is ready, so I'm looking forward to doing that soon.

The kids have been recycling by taking stuff out of the recycling bin to use for crafts. Isaac has been in a house building stage. Not with cardboard, but with my furniture. LOL. He and Jerusha made little houses out of the couch cushions yesterday. They look like migrant worker shantys, don't they?

I was hoping to spend this rainy, sleepy day either writing or quilting. I still haven't finished Caleb's quilt yet, and it irks me to be so close and not have it done! However, after I had some coffee this morning, and thus coming into consciousness, I realized Benjamin has an Orthodontist appoint (about 50 minutes away) at 1pm, so we actually have to be organized and ready to roll by noon. That means an early lunch, and suddenly I felt compelled to get moving.

Then, as I saw the weather, my hope was that it would be too yucky to drive. I checked the weather channel (yeah, the same one that had the advisory out yesterday) and saw it was just going to be icky, and wet, but not freezing. Drat. I guess we have to go. All of us. In the rain. Goody.

Dale is working up the street a few miles at a place called Robinson's. They do gravel and the like. Dale's job is entry level, part time, and he spent the day training, in safety course, and first aid certification yesterday. Today he actually has to work. :P He goes back to Cornell a week from Friday, but he is now "In" at Robinson's, and can use that as filler for the layoff times, which will be very helpful. Also, it is very possible it will morph into something more permanent, then he can quit the Cornell warehouse job and work down the street. He could ride his bike there and be there in about 5 minutes, it is so close.

Okay, back to the school work, laundry, and chasing Isaac around here. Have a great day!

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Mamachildress said...

I love the "house" made out of your sofa!
It's so great when our kids use their imagination instead of sitting in front of The Box. (what we call it at our house.... and yes, our kids have to pry themselves away occasionally!)