Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunflower Quilt Progress

I started this quilt last summer, I think. I got the top pieced, then it got shoved aside. If you saw Saturday's post, then you noticed I got it out again, and ironed it.

This evening, after supper, I got the backing cut (sorry, no cutesy pieced backing on this one, just plain ol' muslin!), the batting trimmed, and it all sandwiched and basted for quilting.

Even though it is made from scraps from my stash, I've decided to not do my typical stippling quilting on it.

I'm using a couple of continuous line templates. The big green squares will have the larger, more elaborate one. The Churn Dash Squares will be either all outline stitch quilting, or I may put that little motif in the middle just for fun. I have yet decided. I haven't transposed the small motif over to quilting paper yet, which is why it is still on the printer paper.

My "To Do" quilting list is never complete unless I have something I am piecing (My Just Desserts quilt, all laid out on the guest bed still, ready to put together) and something I am actually quilting, in this case, the Sunflower Quilt. I'm looking forward to the more intricate quilting in this one. But don't expect me to have it done in a day! It's going to take a while!

Oh, and there is a new BOM ready to be done too. I'm really excited about that as it is using string piecing. I've always wanted to try that. Maybe by this weekend I can get a start on it.

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Mamachildress said...

So nice to "see" your pretty face Lisa! :-)
I love the colors you chose for that quilt. I like sunflowers anyway, but that is just really pretty!
I'm amazed that you are going to quilt the top like that.... I'm afraid to even quilt straight lines!