Sunday, March 14, 2010

FO Alert!

FO in crafting stands for "finished object". While I haven't been blogging much lately, I have been sewing and knitting as much as possible, around all the usual, and some unusual activities of life.

During Dale's layoff, I made four blouses, and five skirts, and got a good start on a peekaboo nine patch baby quilt. I am also knitting. One project I worked on for a while then didn't like it so I frogged it all out, wound the yarn, and set it aside for inspiration. The other one, a wool soaker for Isaac, is ALMOST done! I will post pics asap.

Today however, I want to share our finished church outfits. We are wearing curved hem slip on blouses, and box pleat skirts. They came out very well, and were very easy once I got all the calculations done correctly. I hate math. Anyway, not pictured is the fifth skirt, and everyday A-line navy blue skirt made from leftover material from the skirts you see.

Here are my little princesses all decked out for church:

Here is a close up of the box pleats:

All us gals... at the insistence of certain male family members:

I am quite pleased with how the outfits came out except one thing that both Dale and I don't care for. They make the girls look too grown up! LOL Notice how tall they are getting? We are all wearing flats, and I'm not crouching. In fact, I was standing up as straight as I could. Ack! Maybe I should try putting bricks on their heads....

I got the squares cut out then laid them out, thinking ahead to where the cuts for the disappearing nine patch method would go. Anyway, here is a peek, at the peekaboo nine patch baby quilt:

When I get this done, it is amazing how the quilt looks NOTHING like the block above, but still fun and pretty.

I still haven't gotten batting for the Just Because Quilt, so that is on hold for the moment. My friend who the baby quilt is for is going to have her baby any day now, so obviously that has priority.


kelly said...

I love your new outfits! So funny how fast our precious ones growup isn't. Are you an avid seamstress or a beginner? I would love to sew more, but have never really done more than a seam or two! LOL

Blessings, Kelly

Lisa said...

I'm not sure "seamstress" is the right term, but I love to sew, and since I have 3 girls (and 4 boys, but a lion's share of the sewing is for the girls) my machine is in constant use. I have learned one thing at a time, starting simply, then adding in a new technique from time to time. I love to sew and quilt! Never enough time for either. LOL