Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Finished Object...

The other day I was digging through one of my "to do" sewing totes for a template for one of our quilts. At the way bottom of one of the totes, I found two nursing blouses, already cut out, and ready to sew. I had started them last year, then had to set them aside to make a quilt for my neice's wedding. One thing lead to another, and the two shirts were buried and put away over time. Out of sight, out of mind. You know how it goes.

Even though Isaac is still nursing a few times a day, I don't really need them, so I called my friend Amy who is due soon to see if she would be interested in them, and to tactfully find out what size she is. Thankfully I used an Elizabeth Lee pattern, and Amy is close to my size. The EL patterns leave a lot of "ease" in the shirts, which is nice, especially for nursing. Another thing I love about the EL patterns is that they are quick and easy to sew.

Here is the first shirt:

Here is a close up of the fun stitching on the front:

I also used the same stitching on the sleeves:

I couldn't resist using the pretty stitching around the back:

Onward to nursing blouse #2!

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