Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Project List

Now that the holidays are over, and things are settling down, I have made up a Winter Project List. It is an ambitious list, but thankfully, whatever doesn't get done won't effect the fate of the nation, so no worries. I won't copy the list here because just looking at it will freak most sane people out. Instead, I will just post about the items as they get finished.

It seems to me that sewing naturally converts over to quilting, and for some reason, many who quilt, also have a penchant for knitting/crocheting. Maybe it is because we love working with our hands so much and love any kind of finger work tedium. Whatever the reason, knitting has made its mark here at the Beehive.

I am waiting on some needles from Knitpicks before I start Isaac's next BSJ. Well, they were having a big end of the year sale, so I indulged it a couple (3 to be exact) books. Two on sock making, and one on knitting cables. Dale looks at me funny whenever I talk about knitting cables, as in his masculine mind he pictures something like jumper cables. I'll teach him about cable knitting later, after he masters the terminology of "knitting" and "crocheting". He gets the two mixed up as often as "jumpers" and "skirts". Thankfully he doesn't make the mistake of calling a quilt (a marvelous,creative,work of fiber art, thankyouverymuch) a "blanket". That makes any quilter cringe.

Since Christmas I have a few little projects finished.

Here is a scarf for Josiah. I had gotten the yarn for him for his birthday in October when he was showing quite an interest in knitting, but that petered out and I offered to do his scarf for him after I was done with the holiday crafts. My mom was out for the holidays and not two rows into the project she took over and worked on it until it was almost done. She had to go home (something about work... how lame!) so I finished it up. Yup, that's right, Memere can knit! And she does a fantastic job. I can't really lay claim to Josiah's scarf other than maybe a fifth of it.

My Mom, thankfully, goes to bed much earlier than we do, so in the evenings after Christmas, I worked on making her birthday gift. It is a little Ipod, or Camera cozy.

I have a burning desire to learn to make socks this winter, so Dale got me some "practice" yarn. It is fingering weight, and I used size 2 needles to stitch up this little cell phone cozy for a friend of mine. Under it, you'll see just a little glimpse of a wall hanging I am making for another friend. I am almost done with that, and I'll post a pic of the completed project soon.

We are still on break for the most part here, even though Dale is back to work. I am taking a few extra days to get all the paperwork, portfolios, and new unit studies organized before we jump in again. Of course, this leaves a little extra time in the schedule, and since my needles aren't in yet, I think I will finish that wall hanging and start cutting out for a new "holiday" quilt with some fabric I got at JoAnn's while my mom was here. Bless her heart, I had her in every fabric store in the area just to match colors in the main print. It's too bad she doesn't enjoy quilting, as she has an excellent eye for color!


Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa! Sounds like you will stay cozy and busy throughout the winter! Can't wait to see the finished product of the wall quilt you are making it looks beautiful! (It has some of my very favoritest colors in it. :) I hope you are able to clean out your pantry in the coming weeks. We are in the filling process of our freezer right now as one of the japanese believers is a great deer hunter and we benefit from it! :) Miss you so much my friend. We will have to have a cup of tea together over the phone sometime soon!