Monday, January 18, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, January 18th...

Outside my window... Very gray and dreary but warmer today than it was a week ago. The sun was out Saturday, and it was a simply gorgeous day!

I am thinking... about a couple books I would like to get for reading to go along with our current unit studies.

I am thankful for... those rare quiet times when I can regroup.

I am wearing... Pj's, my favorite fleece bathrobe, slippers. (Seriously, I'm going to stop doing this until I am dressed from now on! Problem is that I do this before Isaac wakes up and I don't usually get dressed until after he wakes up. LOL )

I am remembering... Back when the twins were Isaac's age. That seems like a very long time ago! Almost 12 years!

I am going... to the library this week (hopefully!).

I am currently reading... John Adams by David McCullough (well trying to read it! Too many interruptions these days!)

I am hoping... that my muscles won't be too sore from my walk Saturday to exercise tonight. :D

On my mind... Plans and the "to do" list for today and the general list for this week.

Noticing that... Hey, all the girls are up and doing their Bible reading but there is no sign of the boys.

Pondering these words... "What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?" ~ James 2:14

From the kitchen... Just the wonderful aroma of coffee at the moment.

I am praying... For the Haitians, for a wayward member of our church who is trying to stir up trouble, and for our Missions conference coming up in March.

Around the house... Not too much going on right now. We are just starting our morning routines. I think I am going to have to wake all the boys up!

From the learning rooms... We are doing a horse unit study, and historical study based on the book Beric the Briton by G.A. Henty, Typing, plus all the regular stuff.

I am hearing... the happy hum of the washer, the water pump kicking on from time to time, Elizabeth starting some oatmeal out in the kitchen, and Jerusha gently turning pages in the book she is looking at on the couch.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Library visit, make a couple of dentist appointments for the kids, Jerusha's birthday dinner and "party" on Saturday.

I am creating... a doll quilt for Jerusha (shhh!), the menu for the week, and a "just because" quilt.

One of my favorite things... Watching Isaac fall asleep.

A picture thought I am sharing...

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Anonymous said...

What a yummy picture thought! Please tell Jerusha that we said "Happy Birthday" which reminds me, can you send me ALL of your birthdays and Anniversary? I think I asked for this once before, but I will plead "Mommy brain" and ask you to please send it again. thanks! ((hugs))