Tuesday, January 19, 2010


At the risk of being stoned... er, snowballed, I have to say, that the weather today is wonderful.

Is it sunny?


Is it warm? Well, define warm. If you mean shorts-wearing weather (like a certain person I know... A-HEM!) then ....


If you mean above -62 or whatever it was in Alaska the other day....


It is the perfect temperature... not too hot, not too cold. The sun could be out and it wouldn't hurt my feelings, but I'll take what we are having today over any of the dog days of summer.


You know... the wet stuff that falls when it is around 30 degrees or so. Perfect for snowballing (not that I would ever throw a snowball at anyone... like an ambush on Dale when he gets home... no I'm too submissive and ladylike a wife to EVER do that!) at any time (see the previous statement), or perfect for making tunnels, or a GIANT snowman!

Yeah, I like this weather. I like winter. I like having to put on another layer. I like drinking my coffee or tea and enjoying the warmth it provides, and not breaking out into a sweat over it. I like putting wood into the wood stove and feeling the coziness of the house. I like to be able to knit or quilt without my hands getting sweaty.

For those of you who suffer from the internal high thermostat syndrome as I do, this weather probably pleases you as much as it does me.

Besides.. hey folks, it is winter in the north east. Deal with it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. And laugh at those who don't.


(Written by one who is wearing a t-shirt, has the ceiling fan on, and sleeps with the oscillating fan in her room on high in January. I'd crack a window open but Dale won't let me. *Pout*. )


Joyfully His † said...

I still love you even if you are messed up. ;) LOL

Ginger said...

I have something for you on my blog:0

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa! Love your snow pictures! We have a whole bunch here you could come play in! :) ((hugs)) Shellee