Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School time!

At the beginning of the year Jerusha started learning her letters and sounds. After Christmas break I decided we should do a review of the vowels, as they are usually the hardest. To make this review interesting, of course lap booking was involved! For the past several days she has been working on some "Aa" and "Ee" review.

In her lapbook is some printing practice, letter identification practice, poetry, cutting practice, upper and lower case identification games, some coloring, and little review books.

I also had her do this fine motor skill activity with an elephant shaped sewing card:

I used several different sites for this lap book. If you google "alphabet lap book" I'm sure you'll find a treasure trove of ideas! Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

This morning my son had a little experiment to do using a pulley system. Here is why I couldn't get into the kitchen to cut up the chicken for the crock pot meal planned for supper yet:

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