Thursday, January 14, 2010

Freebies and Fun

If you have never subscribed to Homes School Freebie of the Day, you should. Even if you don't home school, you'll enjoy something each week.

Here is the link: Home School Freebie of the Day. If you go there and sign up for their weekly newsletter (free, btw!) you'll get a list emailed to you at the beginning of each week of what will be offered on what day, plus a special "subscriber's offer" each week. Today's is "strange historical" stories. Tomorrow's is Gulliver's Travels in both pdf and Mp3 form.

I also enjoy Econobusters. If you haven't visited Molly's site, then go take a look. Again, sign up for the free weekly newsletter and you'll get lots of great frugal ideas for crafts, organization, recipes, activities, homeschooling, etc. Her ideas are endless! There is a recipe for spinach pie this week that I would LOVE to try! It looks delicious. Spinach is versatile and very good for you. It will help build up the iron in your blood, which means more energy during these gray, listless winter months (well, with a house full of kids it is never "listless", but you know what I mean!). I love to eat spinach raw on a tuna sandwich, or in a salad. You can also put it in lasagna, or a casserole, or in eggs, or just about anything.

I hope you enjoy these sites!


Anonymous said...

Hi again, Just wanted to throw out, The Old Schoolhouse magazine, has a "Freebie Friday" e-mail too, that is filled with links for various things it comes out every other week and they have other lists you can subscribe to if you want to. (btw, wow 2 comments in one day! (Please don't pass out, lol) ((hugs again!))

Lisa said...

Thanks Shellee... I'll check that out!