Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures

When I was young(er), there are certain things I never thought I would get excited about. For example... a new dryer, or a new washer, or a new vacuum cleaner. I would have thought anyone was insane that said "one day you'll do the goodie goodie dance over a new appliance".

Well, I have been known to do the goodie goodie dance over new appliances, new sets of keys, my turn to mow, and now.... I have a new ironing board!

I was so glad to dispose of my old board. It was dilapitated. It tilted downward. It wobbled while ironing. Didn't extend all the way so even someone short like me had to bend over a tad to do the ironing. The thing gave me 19 years of hard use, so who can complain?

Now I can iron with joy (!?!?!?!?!) on my new, sturdy, fully extendable ironing board.


The Savage said...

I made Paul look high and low for a 4-legged ironing board when we first got married. SO much more stable than the T-legged ones, especially on carpet. :-)

I'm sure mine will be getting some use in the days to come... strips & squares to iron, one piece at a time.... *ahem*

Enjoy your new one!!! Happy Mother's Day!!! ;-)

Lori said...

I could sure use a new ironing board. Mine is so ready to be sent to the dump! Your old one sounds like mine. :)