Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Invasion of Elves!

Last night before having a late supper, some of us were outside working. I was mowing, and Dale and Benjamin were getting in the last of the seeds for the garden. Caleb and Jerusha were tearing around and the twins were inside with Isaac keeping him happy and occupied. Josiah was back and forth, being a gopher and all around helper.

After the gardening was all finished, Dale and Benjamin finished putting together my fantastic new sling swing. It is very comfortable. We tried it out for a few minutes after the mowing and picking up of garden tools was finished.

I was then summoned inside for a surprise. The children had been filtering by every so often, eyes sparkling, whispering cryptic messages about something in the house I couldn't see until the girls' said.

They made me close my eyes, but when we got in, at first, I didn't see much, except that they had mad a nice spinach and tomato salad, and corn to go with the homemade mac and cheese with hot dogs I had in the crock pot (hey Memere, don't you wish you were here?). Then I noticed several things.... the special floral arrangment on the table. So sweet!

But that wasn't all. They also swept really well, mopped, did some of the ironing, and folded all the laundry (and there was a mountain of it!). I had thought they spent their time just playing with Isaac, which would have been fine, but they took it upon themselves to go way above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone had a part, except Isaac. The slacker!

This morning I enjoyed coffee and Bible reading outside on the swing. It was so pleasant and peaceful. Esther, Caleb and Jersusha filtered out and joined me. It was fun to watch Mattan chase... whatever he was chasing. I think it was one of those white little pieces from the dandelion puffs, or his shadow, or his imagination... no ever claimed he was the brightest bulb in the package.

It was hard to tear myself away to start laundry and breakfast, but I was glad for that early morning time of refreshing.

Knowing the garden is all in is a wonderful feeling.. emotionally. Physically I am still healing up from my gardening marathon on Monday. Can you believe I still can't walk right? It's much better than it was. I may even be able to resume my exercising tonight.

We had a bit of a mystery here this morning. Dale was up and heard the cat meowing. Not a problem, but it was coming from outside. Mattan always comes in at night, and doesn't go out again until morning. Esther was up early to say hi to Dale, and he asked if she let the cat out this morning, to which she replied in the negative. He asked me about it and I had no clue, unless he was driving Benjamin crazy downstairs while he was trying to sleep and he let him out. Mattan was let back in, and after Dale left I was in the living room and I heard this rustling at the wood pile below the window. I looked out and it was Mattan! Okay, he is definitely getting out on his own. I could see it was by one of the windows in the rec area downstairs, so I went down to take a look.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to see what happened. The window was open, and there was a hole in the screen, big enough for Mattan to get his head through, which for a cat means that the rest of their body can get through. I don't care if he goes out, I just don't want unwanted "pets" coming in. So, I shut the window, and will tape up that hole later today.

A little while ago while I was making breakfast, Mattan came in with a smug look on his face. That superior attitude was due, I am very sure, to the fact that he thought HE was in control of when he got to go out again. Sure enough, after a quick snack and drink, I saw him go upstairs. He came back up in a few minutes with a very irritated look on his face and twitched his tail at me. I ignored him and continued scrambling eggs. He finally dropped the holy cat attitude and started meowing pleadingly at the door. I let him out.

Gotta keep those snotty cats in line, ya know. He went out long enough to get all wet from the dew and came back to lick himself off. Whadda wimp. Then he went back out.

Love the cat... but gotta say, he has a pea sized brain.

Note to the observant: You may see the time index as last night, but I actually posted this Friday morning. I started it last night, so the time index goes to when I saved the post. Just sayin'.

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