Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Me If You Can....

No, I'm not the gingerbread man, but just very busy this week! Most of our beloved relatives know that this weekend is our annual Birthday Bash. We have four children born in May, so we do one big party at the end of the month with presents, cake, ice cream, fun and family. It's also a really good excuse for grandparents to visit. We try to plan it Memorial Day weekend because usually those who are working (ahem, like Dale) have Monday off and the visit can last a little longer. The years when my brother and his family can make it, well, that is just plain awesome and we love it! Our little house would be filled to the brim with littles and uncles, aunts,and grandparents, most of them staying overnight here, and it makes for some precious memories.

However, the Birthday bash isn't the only thing going on here this week. Wouldn't you know that everything happens at once? Monday night we got our annual delivery of wood. Benjamin saw it and said to the guy (a friendly sort) "Well, I guess I know what my job is going to be." The wood man guffawed about that and drove away leaving us 15 face cords of wood to deal with over the next several months.

It is always a catastrophe when the cookie jar is empty so one afternoon while I was getting Isaac down for a nap, the baking fairies made chocolate chip cookies, their daddy's favorite. It is traditional whenever we make pancakes or cookies, to make one huge-o-fortisimo one for Daddy. Of course, Dale just suffers through eating it, ya know.

Everyone had to test the afore mentioned goods, and as you can see, at least one member of the quality control committee approved:

The upstairs bathroom closet has been an eyesore for way too long. I started brainstorming ideas to get it organized. On the pictured shelf were our hair stuff, wash cloths, and some towels.



That is only one shelf out of many. After the crunch for this weekend is done and the dust settles from all the excitement I have some major plans for decluttering and organizing throughout several areas in the house.

That little drawer system is for our brushes, hair pretties, headbands, etc. It is working out great except last night there was shampoo spilled into the hairbrush drawer. How that happened remains and mystery. Thankfully, it was easily cleaned up. We can't even find where the spill originated. Some evil shampoo-spilling spirit must have done it, because according to my inquiries, no one else did.

To add to the mixture of excitement this week, the church basement windows were replaced, and our big living room window was taken out and given a face lift with a brand, spanking new window unit.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

(Excuse the guy in the corner... he was caulking the outside of the window when I took the pic.)

So now I get the fun of figuring out a new window treatment. Right now I have too much going on to think much about it, but after the Birthday Bash I'll be able to concentrate more. The nicest thing about this new window is that the side windows open easily, and are big enough to stick an AC unit in it. Also, they flip down for easy peasey washing.

Now the the crew is working on scraping and painting the house, a job that is way overdue. So glad I didn't plant any flower beds around the house.

Today we will be cleaning some, and working outside. It has been hot and very summery, but the forecast is promising cooler temps tomorrow and through the weekend. I haven't done anything with the Memorial garden because I am currently fighting a battle with ants, and losing. There are so many you can't even work in the flower bed. I am going to put out a couple more poison traps and give it a little more time.

Our big vegetable garden is already needing weeding, so I will just focus on that for now.

I know, you are wondering about my secret project. I am pleased to say that though it isn't completely done, I will be able to finish it tonight after it cools off a bit. I will post a pic of it after the bday boy opens it up.

Meanwhile.... back to my cleaning, weeding, laundrying, and general hub-bub before the big day on Saturday!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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