Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Expect the Unexpected and some FO's

Yesterday morning, just before lunch, Dale came home unexpectedly from work. I asked if he was feeling worse ( he is sporting a head cold ) and he said "No". I then asked "Did you get fired?". The answer was "Nope". Apparently things are exceedingly slow right now at work so he got sent home until Monday. Ah, the joys of being a temp! So glad to have him home!

Today we unexpectedly took a trip to Lowe's for some gardening supplies. That took longer than expected because we were looking into a picnic table and one of those sling swing things. I've been wanting one of those since before Benjamin was born. We looked over some options and decided that Dale would go back tomorrow with the van minus the family so he can fit those huge boxes in.

On the way home there was an unexpected detour, so it took longer. By then it was getting past our regular lunch time and we were all hungry.

When we got home there was an unpleasant and unexpected phone message. One of the older gentleman in the church passed away and the funeral director was calling to see if Dale was available to help with the funeral on Friday. Dale is off now visiting the widow, after returning the phone call.

In the midst of all the surprises in the last 24 hours or so, I did manage to finish up the girls' culottes. I am now working on finishing up my nursing A-line dress. Here is a pic of the three girls, then just a pic of Esther so the pleats are more visible:

Have a great day ya'll!

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