Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Secret Project Update

Progress is finally being made after a very hectic week and weekend. I'm starting to hit the panic button on this project! Benjamin's birthday is this Friday, but thankfully I don't have to have it done until our birthday bash for all the May birthdays on the 29th. So I can breath... but work like crazy to finish it.

Here is the top without borders (guess what I am working on today? LOL)

Here is one border fabric:

I will be using one of the solid colors you see in the quilt blocks for the second border, then I think that will be big enough to cover his bed respectably. I really like the rusty gold color. Any votes out there for the second border? I have plenty of the solids left to use. Maybe I should take a poll?

Originally the panels came in a kit. The border fabric was backing fabric. I chose, in true quilter form, to take that perfectly good fabric panel and chop it up and add to it, as shown above.

Anyway, Benjamin is outside with Dale right now putting together a sling swing for the lawn, so I had better finish getting the first border on.

1 comment:

The Savage said...

Gold, then green. Green is under-represented so far!! ;-) Oh wait, the planets are a border--duh!! OK then, the green for a second one! (Unless it clashes with other things...)