Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Blip of Random Thoughts

I often wonder what the purpose of my ramblings are here. I don't think anyone but a few family members really care about the trivial matters of our lives, and rightfully so. This blog is geared towards my age (young, that is.. grin!) mama's and crafting. More emphasis on the crafting these days I know. It isn't that I don't do anything else, but I just don't think that recording those things are interesting to anyone. However, I have gotten a few very kind comments about enjoying "sharing" my day through the blogging process, so with some reservations, here is just a mindless flow of random thoughts.

First of all, the day today started out wonderful. It is MUCH cooler, and it was gray and dark, so all the kids slept in. I got in some extra Bible reading time, had two untinterupted cups of coffee, and even worked on some hand quilting while awaiting the masses to appear. All I had to listen to was the early birds chirping. Even the cat was sane.

It got me to thinking (yes I do that occasionally) how rare such a relaxing morning is. Like everyone else, we lead a busy life. Not so much "on the go" but just general busyness around the homestead. Right now we are in a lull before a frenzy of activity. School is almost over for everyone. Elizabeth had her last official day yesterday, and ended her school work with a nice little book report on Hildago, a book we read together in read aloud time. She loved the true tale of Frank Hopkins, and his mustang, Hildago and the legendary ride across the dessert.

The others who are doing book reports are almost done, and needing to finish their final drafts and then I'll check them over. Then, that's it. We're done until August. I'll have the last quarter reports to do, and file away portfolios, but as far as the kids go, they will get a break.

I have reservations about the non-school part of the year. I like the routine of having school because once we get into it, things seem to flow along quite well, though it keeps us busy.

However, with the absence of the schooling schedule, I am enjoying some nice, slower paced mornings. I don't have to jump on the computer right away to look up this or that for whatever unit study or lap book we are doing. I don't have a pile of corrections. There is more "free" time.

For now.

The lull isn't going to last long, because very soon we will be engrossed in gardening and general yard work. Also, the parsonage is being painted this month, and the big picture window in the living room is being replaced, along with the basement windows at church. The wood for next winter will be arriving soon, and then let the stacking begin. Our mornings will get busy again, and into a routine, so for now, I am trying to convince myself that this lull is a good thing, but I have to admit that I feel a little like we are in limbo.

In the last couple of weeks the kids have been getting check ups at the dentist. Most of them got by without incident. Josiah has two small cavities that will be taken care of next week. Benjamin, we found out, has two premolars that haven't descended because adult teeth are in the way. Braces are in the very near future for him. It was either that, or pull the adult teeth. I figured he is too young to start pulling teeth out, though getting him to do his chores sometimes is very much like it.

Caleb has a small jaw, teeth packed close together, but the dentist said they looked very clean and beautiful, and to just make sure he flosses well between the teeth. However, something surprising to me, apparently Caleb is tongue tied! 8 years old, and I never knew it. He was always a good nurser, so I never thought to check. He has a slight speech impediment, but I credited him having a pacifier with that. Apparently it has more to do with his being tongue tied. It isn't severe, obviously, but I think I will look into some speech therapy for him and see if that helps.

The weather over the weekend was hot and humid. Too early in the year for that, if you ask me. Thankfully, this morning is nice and cool and just gorgeous. Tomorrow is supposed to be back up in the 80's, but I'll worry about that tomorrow. At least the humidity is down again, so 80's doesn't seem too bad, as long as the dewpoint behaves itself.

On the crafting front (you knew I had to get to this, didn't you?), the culottes for the girls are about finished. I would have had them done yesterday, but needed elastic, which my wonderful husband picked up for me on the way home last night. I plan on finishing them today and hopefully getting a pic up tomorrow.

I also started on a nursing A-line dress from an Elizabeth Lee pattern. It is going together very quickly. I think I could have made it a size smaller, but overall, it looks good.

The secret project is coming along well. I worked on it over the weekend while a certain son of mine was out playing baseball, and made some good progress. If the sun comes out later and he goes outside then I'll work on it some more.

Today I am cooking some dry beans and putting them in the freezer. We had a nice spiral ham last night for supper, and I'm using the leftovers to make mini fritattas. I've never tried these before but saw the recipe in a magazine at the Dentist's and it looked easy and yummy. We'll see how it comes out! Also on today's "to do", the kids are going through their clothes (starting to anyway), and big surprise... I'm sewing as much as possible!

Well, now that I have typed this all out, I need to go check on the sleepy head Isaac and wake him up so his sleeping schedule doesn't get totally thrown off. Have a blessed day!


...they call me mommy... said...

Love reading about your days, Lisa! :) Sounds busy, but a good busy...we've had cool weather so far and I am so with you on NOT enjoying the hot, sticky stuff! :) Give me spring & fall! :)


The Savage said...

Our midwives group just posted a link to something about tounge-tied last night. http://www.tonguetie.net/
Enjoy the lull!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, I do so hope I was included in the"few family" comment that read your blog. I LOVE reading about all of the activities you do, its fun seeing how your lives are going. Thanks for the wonderful post. :)

The girls coulottes are cute, and they are growing like crazy! Much hugs and prayers for you, and enjoy the quiet, It is a rare and precious thing around here. :)


Lisa said...


Of course you are included as part of the family! ((( Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Oh goody goody! :) I am SOO glad!
Happy Mother's Day my friend!