Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woodstove starting, mocassin making, bread baking, and glasses breaking

It's that time of year again! Time to fire up the trust wood stove. Dale started it up last night when he got home from work. There's nothing like wood heat to get you warmed up. I mean REALLY warmed up. I was up at two changing from my flannel nightgown into a summer nightgown, turning on the ceiling fan, getting a drink, and kicking the covers off. Today was sunny, and not very cold out, so it got up to around 80 at one point and I had to crack open some windows (shhh.. don't tell Dale!)

I have been debating all week about doing "costumes" for Thanksgiving as part of our unit study. The children were so excited about it that I told them as long as they do most of the work, we can do it. So, everyone decided what they want to dress up as. We'll have four Indians (I told them that wouldn't make any difference as they all act like a bunch of wild Indians anyway) and three pilgrims. I'm supposed to be Priscilla since I know how to make the meal, Jerusha will be a little pilgrim girl, Caleb a boy pilgrim, and Dale will either be Captain Standish, or Governor Bradford. I think he should be Captain Standish for two reasons. Captain Standish was in charge, basically, and also he had a moustache. I would love to get some of those "handle bar" type costume moustaches to put on Dale! Hehehehehhe. Benjamin has been experimenting making moccasins. Dale told him to be careful because the Bible says "Fools make a mockatsin". Pffffft.

Also on to-do list today was making bread, which we do with great frequency here. You can just imagine the smell that goes with this freshly baked bread!

As for the glasses breaking... well, shortly after Dale got home the lens popped out his glasses, hit the kitchen floor, and yup.. broke. Yikes! Both Benjamin and Esther need new glasses anyway, so I guess we'll make appointments for all three of them. Dale is using a pair of old glasses that look very, um... dated. So, Lord willing tomorrow we'll be able to make some appointments.

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