Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pregnancy Update and Misc.

First off, I want to congratulate Leah and Scott on the birth of their daughter! If you scroll down on the Quiverful Blog roll on my side bar, her blog is The Reformed Farmer's wife. Can't wait to see the pics, Leah!

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I had an appointment with my MW. Everything is good, and as usual we spent much time chatting, though in our defense, most of it was "business" this time. I've been controlling my blood sugar levels with a strict diet, and she was impressed with how I was doing. The only thing is that I still have higher readings after breakfast than I would like, even though I eat all protein at that meal. I've tried several things, and my MW was able to give me another couple ideas. The numbers aren't horrible, just it irks me I can't get them down in the morning more. The rest of the day they are fine. Maybe it is a touch of OCD, I don't know. LOL.

My blood pressure was 122/64, and urine was normal. I did lose 6lbs over the last month, but after discussing it we figured it was due to the fact that I have been having almost no carbs in my diet for that long. I feel fine (well, except for when I overdo.. hahahahha) and actually have more energy in this pregnancy at this point than I have in most of the others. It isn't like I don't have extra weight to spare! LOL... baby is measuring right on for my 34 plus weeks.

Oh and woohoo! My next appointment will be the wonderful HOME VISIT! Those of you who homebirth know that the HOME VISIT appointment is a milestone in the pregnancy. It means... the end is very near! I will be about 36 weeks then, and we will start some methods of inducing.. herbal treatments that work over a few weeks, or something.

After having not done ANYTHING for this baby, suddenly it is all starting to come together. We have the birthing kit, thanks to the MW and the "leftovers" people have given her. I just have to pick up a few personal items. Last night at Walmart I got some caps for the baby, some onsies, and some nursing pads. It sounds crazy, but for me, that was a major step in my mental thinking about this birth.

I have discovered this baby does not like to share space. When I had the ultrasound, the technician was commenting on how long the baby is. Great... a tall baby on a short mama. Well, that makes for a very limited residence in utero. If I rest my arms on my tummy (it makes a convenient shelf!) the baby kicks at them as if to say "Hey, get out of my space!". While we were getting His/Her heartrate yesterday, the show of kicking, moving, twisting under the stethoscope was quite impressive. The MW had a hard time getting a read on the heartrate. Finally she was able to hear it long enough to get a count. But watching my tummy go back and forth and undulate was hilarious! Of course, me laughing didn't help at all either.

I had more blood drawn for an A1C count agian. I will be curious to see what it is after the last month or so of really watching my numbers and sugar/carb etc. intake. The tests have been coming out normal, though the high end of normal. It will be interesting to see what it is this time.

There is the basic update for now. :)

Next "project" I have going is finishing the girls' dresses (I really AM almost done!), doing my jumper, Christmas stuff for the kids, and maybe working on a couple of nursing outfits if I have time. Today I hope to finish making the buttonholes on the dresses and get the buttons on. Seriously, that is how close I am... then they will be DONE! I am also making yet another meal for the freezer, and Benjamin is working on some banana whole wheat muffins now as I type. The twins are doing the dishes, Josiah is helping with some folding, Jerusha is finishing her breakfast, and Caleb is changing his pants. The ones he had on were, well, very "Holy", if you know what I mean, and somewhat shredded, and too small for him, so those will be thrown out.

Oh, I almost forgot... looky what we have!

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