Thursday, November 13, 2008

Busy Bees making.. well, not honey......

We were going to start applesauce today but I decided to wait since we have preparations for the Harvest Dinner to do for Saturday. It would have made our schedule too packed and would have caused undue frustration.

So, this morning we went on something of a cooking spree. My good helpers were such a blessing! First things first, as I was making my plans for the day, I realized we needed to do our out loud Bible reading and prayer time. If I had put it off, we probably wouldn't have gotten to it. That being done we split up into different stations around the kitchen and got to work.

Esther was in charge of stirring up some bread dough:

Benjamin had the job of peeling A LOT of potatoes, and you can see Josiah in the background tackling breakfast and baking and cooking dishes:

Elizabeth was helping me to cut and peel apples for pies:

She also helped roll the crusts:

Meanwhile, the littles were at the computer doing some schoolwork on Starfall:

AFter all the cooking was done, we yeilded 3 apple pies, four loaves of bread, and I made up lots of "company potatoes" with the mashed potatoes. They have sour cream and chives mixed in, and sprinkled with grated cheese. Everything, except for two loaves of bread will be going in the freezer for after the baby's birth.

When we got to a stopping spot in the cooking we finished reading aloud the book "Thanksgiving is on Thursday" and then had lunch. I was very glad to lay down for a while this afternoon, and now am looking forward to doing some sewing.
Have a blessed day!

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