Saturday, November 15, 2008

More baking, more cooking, more busyness....

Yesterday was a typical day for school, but more busy in other areas. I cooked three hams and got them all sliced up for our Harvest dinner tonight. I made a HUGE batch of chili. We ate some for supper, and some went in the freezer for later. I also had Esther's math tutor here, then my quilting buddy stopped by for a quick cup of tea and a chat. We haven't seen each other in several weeks and needed to catch up. :)

After naps I took everyone over to the church and we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and did a lot of decorating in the fellowship hall. It has been a while since I spent that much time and effort decorating for a dinner, and enjoyed it. Dale got home in the meantime and came over to help. By the we got home and had supper, I was too pooped to pop. It has been a while since I felt THAT tired! After I laid down for a while I was able to participate in family devotions, read a book to Jerusha, then did a bunch of Christmas shopping online. Thank the Lord for the internet!

This morning we are doing more baking. Some for tonight, some just for general use. Nothing for the freezer today. Benjamin made a triple batch of ginger snaps, Esther stirred up some bread. I will do two loaves of bread and then I will make up dinner rolls with the rest of the dough for tonight. I also made two struesel topped pumpkin pies for tonight. Jerusha helped me with making up the graham cracker pie crusts. She like cruching the graham crackers, and tried to help spread the crust in the plate. The only thing I need to remember to do later is when I put the sliced ham in the oven to warm up, then to heat up a veggie dish to take over.

As for the rest of the day, I will be getting ironing done for next week, doing some music practice, and administering a spelling quiz that we never got to yesterday. Lord willing I will have some sewing time too. I am so close to getting the girls' matching dresses done! I will be making a matching jumper (nursable) for me after I am done with their dresses. Of course, I will be posting pics too. :)

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